Blackbirds – Year 1

            Welcome to Blackbirds Class Page

We are a Year 1 class.

Our class teacher is Miss O‘Kane.

Topic Dates Year 1 2018-2019

Follow the instructions to log onto Bug Club to read lots of fantastic books.

Spellings and spelling books are given out each Monday and must be returned to school each Friday.
Homework is given out each Friday. This should be marked by an adult at home and kept in thehomework files. Homework does not need to be returned to school until Wednesday 5th December. 
Library day is Monday. Please make sure your child has returned their book so that they can choose a new one.
Our P.E days are now Monday and Tuesday. The children will also have a dance session on a Wednesday afternoon lead by a professional dance teacher. They will come home in their school tracksu
it with their uniform in their P.E. bag. Please return the kit to school the next day.


Cookery sessions

Every Wednesday afternoon your child takes part in a Healthy Food and nutrition session. During this session each week the class is divided in two, 15 children researching and writing about the dish they are going to make and the other half of the class

making and tasting the dish. These session are a great way for children to understand where food comes from and how it is prepared. Mrs Haake and Mrs Dow lead these se

ssions. During Autumn Term we have made different types of food including popcorn, smoothies, veggie snacks, pitta pockets, sandwich wraps and cheese straws,

We are seeking permission again from you for you

r child to take part in these activities during Spring Term and would appreciate if you can get the forms back to us as soon as possible as s

essions start

on January 9.  All ingredients will be provided by school.

Week 1 & 2 January 9 & 16 – Tortilla pizzas

Flour tortilla wraps, tomato puree, mozzarella cheese

Week 3 & 4 January 23 & 30 – Fruity fro

zen yogurt bites

Strawberries, mango, pineapple, kiwi, gr

eek yogurt, fruit coolis

Week 5 & 6 February 6 & 13 – Pancakes

Flour, sugar, baki

ng powder, milk, vegetable oil, egg, maple syrup, fres

h berries, banana

Week 7 & 8 February 27 & March 6 – Spring rolls

Rice noodles, bean sprouts, peppers, carrots,

chinese leaf cabbage, spring onions, filo pastry, garlic, egg, tomato ketchup

Week 9 & 10 March 13 & 20 – Veggie rice bowl

Vegetable oil, broccoli, peppers, microwave rice, peas,

chilli, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sweet c

hilli sauce, vinegar, spring onions

Week 11 & 12 March 27 & April 3 – A

nzac biscuits

Vegetable oil, sugar, golden syrup, baking soda, baking powder, rolled oats, flour

Click here to download the Year 1 Cookery consent letter for Spring 2019.  

Indian Art Work

We have been looking at rangoli patterns.


World Book Day

The children had a brilliant, book filled day! We read a book called Supertato and the children acted out different parts of the story and drew ‘selfies’ of the evil peas hiding in suspicious places in the supermarket. We had a book swap which meant that everybody got to go home with a new book! After school we enjoyed the book fair where children had the opportunity to buy some lovely new books.

Chester Zoo

We had so much fun on our trip to Chester Zoo! We saw loads of different animals including elephants, giraffes, jaguars and chimpazees. We talked about what they look like, their different personalities and what they like to eat. We have been learning about similes in our English lessons and we came up with some great ones about the zoo animals; an elephant is as wrinkly as an old man, a giraffe is as tall as a house.

Year 1 gymnastics competition


Preparing for our Christmas Show 

We have been very busy in the run up to our Christmas show; practising all of our lines, songs, dances and jokes. We also had lots of fun trying on our costumes and getting into Santa’s sleigh to take a picture. Blackbirds’ Christmas show is on Friday 14th December at 9.15am.


Santa and his reindeer visit Sudley!

We visited Santa in his Grotto and told him what we might like for Christmas. He gave the class some fantastic presents to keep in class! Then we got to meet two of his reindeer and elves. We fed them their favourite food – MOSS! (We all thought it was carrots!)

Adding captions and labels to our own space ships.


Science – Investigating if materials are waterproof or absorbant.


‘Anyone but the parents morning’

Thank you to all of the relatives and family friends who joined us for a lovely morning of creative activities and games in Blackbirds classroom.

Natural History Animal Visit

We got to learn about and stroke lots of different animals including a snake, a turtle, a hedgehog and an owl.

Bulb Planting at Sudley House

We went to Sudley House to plant crocus bulbs on the bank at the back of the house. They should start to grow in the Spring time, we can’t wait to see them!



We made Gruffalo character finger puppets 

Science Day – WHY?

We investigated WHY do objects either float or sink?

                            WHY does a rainbow appear?

                             WHY can some insects walk on water?

                             Why does a light bulb turn on?


Measuring different temperatures inside and outside

Making and testing paper aeroplanes

We made paper aeroplanes out of different materials to see which one would fly the furthest. We found that paper worked better than card because the folds stayed together more securely and that fabric was not a suitable material.

We made a rain guage in Science to measure how much rain falls over 2 weeks.

Judo Demonstration

The children really enjoyed the Judo demonstration. They learned some moves that will be taught during the Judo sessions offered before school.


Autumn Nature Walk 

The Blackbirds went out onto the playground to search for signs of Autumn. We found that some of the leaves on the trees are starting to change colour and fall off.