Finches – Year 2

We are a Year 2 class.

Our class teachers are Mrs Leonard and Mrs Bosworth.

Bug Club online reading scheme – Your personal log-in details should be in your reading record book. Please speak to a teacher if you need new books or have forgotten your log-in details.

Purple Mash – Look inside your reading record book for your personal log-in details and have some fun!

Water Sports

We went canoeing at the Liverpool Watersports centre. We had a great time. It was so much fun playing catching the balls as they were thrown into the water.

Circus Days

We really enjoyed all the activities we took part in on the Circus Days in school. We designed ties- they look great!

Alex from Circusology came in and showed us his tricks. He was so funny on the unicycle! We were all then able to have a go at practising and improving our skills with his equipment.

Samba Bamba

We all enjoyed the Samba Bamba  workshop this week. We played lots of different instruments and we all got chance to bang on the big drums.

Healthy Lifestyles Week

We have had a busy week learning about how we can lead a healthy lifestyle.

We have made avocado salad and it was delicious! I am really pleased that everyone tried it and some children thought they wouldn’t like it but after trying it asked for more!

On Wednesday we all brought our bikes and scooters to school and had a ride around the playground, it was great fun as well as keeping us fit.

Mobile Farm

The mobile farm came on to our playground. We loved the donkey and we were able to groom her. We stroked the rabbits. There were pigs, goats and ducks too.


Any Umbrellas?

The whole school contributed to an art installation of umbrellas. We made mobiles with our hopes and dreams and hung them from the insides..


We had enjoyed a great session with United Utilities learning all about what we use water for, how we can save water and the water cycle.


Super sunflowers!

We planted sunflowers and decorated the plant pots. We sold them at our May Fair. They were very popular.

Reading Rocks!

Stuart Reid a great author came into school today! We learned how an author starts to writie his books and Stuart gave us some ideas of what we should put into our stories to make them more exciting. He told us about alliteration and onomatopoeia. The children were able to buy books written by Stuart and he signed them.

Easter Egg Competition


















Well done to everyone who entered our Decorate an Egg competition. The standards were so high it made it a very difficult job to pick the winners.


Visit by Nick Hennessey- Storyteller

Nick hennessey came into school and told us some stories. He then came into class and helped us plan our own stories. He gave us lots of ideas of what we could include to make our stories interesting.


World Book Day

We read Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and made our own owls. We also had a quiz about book characters. We made a class book of our favourite book characters. It was a great day!

Jude Lennon came into school and told us about the ‘Slow down for Bobby’ roadsafety campaign.


Working together making our ‘Gardens of hopes and dreams’ as part of our Jigsaw PSHE lesson.

Fun in the Snow!

The Climbing Hangar

We had a great time at the Climbing Hangar last week. There were some difficult walls that looked really scary but by the end of the session the children were all climbing to the top without any fear at all. The Pirate Ship area proved realy popular and all the children really enjoyed the whole session.

The Twits by Roald Dahl

We have been listening to the story of the Twits and doing work about them. We have also been making collages of Mr Twit’s beard. All the class have been keen to learn about the antics and adventures of the characters

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a great holiday and are ready to start lots of exciting topics and activities.

This week we havebeen learning about the graffiti artist, Banksy and we drew our names in a ‘Tag’ style.

We are next going to be studying the Roald Dahl book ‘The Twits’ and will be doing a variety of activities.

We are looking forward to our trip to the Climbing Hangar. It should be great fun!

Our Christmas party

Ready for our Christmas Show

Finches show was fantastic! The children all sang, danced and acted their socks off to produce a wonderful performance for parents and carers. Well done children.

The Reindeer came to visit

Christmas is coming

We all wore our Christmas headgear when we brought things in for the Christmas Fair. Don’t we look great!

We are looking forward tour well deserved half term holiday, we have done so much in school this year already!  Just have a look below at some of the interesting things we have done.

We are raising money of Liverpool School for the Blind for our charities week, we will be doing a sponsored sing-a-long singing some of our favourite songs.  Don’t forget our Charities assembly on Friday 19th October at 2.15pm.

IM Marsh Science Trip


Ian Fennelly Sculptures Session


Working Hard

It’s been a busy few weeks since we started back. Summer seems a long time ago. The children are settling in well and becoming more used to the demands of Year 2 work.

we have been learning about the Fire of London in our topic of Underground. We have also found out about the Jewish religion.

We designed a class t shirt about our dreams and it has been entered into a competition so fingers crossed that our wonderful design gets chosen.

Trip to the Terracotta Warriors

Working with local artist Ian Fennelly

Going on a Bug Hunt!


Hello and welcome

We had a good start to Year 2 in Finches.

We learned that there are over 130 different types of finches (there are 30 different types in our class too!)

On Tuesday we watched a judo demonstration. Chris and Dale the instructors were so good.

School club letters went out on Friday. Make sure you fill it in quickly and return it so that you are not disappointed.

Next week we are learning about one man bands in our topic of Music- as well as doing lots of singing and music making ourselves.