Kingfishers – Year 1

Welcome to Kingfishers Class Page

We are a Year 1 class

Our class teacher is Miss Parsons




Hello Kingfishers, 


What a superb first week back! We have really enjoyed being rainforest explorers and finding out lots of information about the rainforest.


On Thursday we had a Road Safety assembly, the children were fantastic and listened brilliantly to all of the road tips! We even got to hear about Superbob and his amazing adventures to help others be safe when crossing the road. Well done Kingfishers!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Parsons



Our fantastic daffodils!





Hi Kingfishers, 


I hope that you all had a fantastic week and I am looking forward to hearing all of your fantastic news!

This week we will be starting our topic of Rainforests. We will be looking at patterns in nature, different areas of the rainforest and what continent the Amazon rainforest is in. How exciting!


Please make sure that your child’s indoor and outdoor P.E kit is returned to school. Our P.E days are Monday and Thursday. Children will continue to come home on a Wednesday in their outdoor P.E kits.


Following our visit to Chester Zoo, the children completed a piece of homework to vote for the animal that they would like to sponsor. The results are in…

Kingfishers are going to sponsor The Penguins!


I look forwards to seeing you all,

Miss Parsons




Hello Kingfishers,


What a super half-term we have had!


We would like to thank Mrs Vaughan for our lovely visit, the children enjoyed looking at all of the different parts of the body and dressing up as doctors! Thank you!


Thank you to all of the parents that helped on our trip to Chester Zoo, the children had a wonderful time and the trip wouldn’t have been possible without you all! We hope you had as much fun as us!


I hope you have a fantastic break and I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.



Miss Parsons





Hello Kingfishers, 


We have had so much fun learning about our bodies and how they work this week. We would like to send a special thank you to Dr Bridge for coming in to visit us. The children were amazed by all of the big words it takes to be a doctor and had lots of fun watching you carry out lots of super tests! We have had lots of doctors and nurses in the classroom this week. Plenty of broken bones and sore tummies have been fixed!


We also had a wonderful time when Mrs Khan visited. The children learned how to write their names in Arabic and had a fantastic introduction to Islamic culture. Well done Kingfishers, you were superb!


Have a fantastic weekend,

I look forward to lots of learning next week!

Miss Parsons






Hi Kingfishers,


Welcome back! We have had a wonderful start to our second term in Year 1. I have really enjoyed listening to all of your Christmas news and all about the lovely gifts that the children received. Thank you again for all of the lovely gifts that I received, I am truly overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity.


This week we have learnt all about Louis Pasteur and why he was important to life in the present.

Next week, our topic is My Body. We will be looking at how to keep healthy and why it is important to look after ourselves.


Can all children have both their outdoor and indoor P.E kits in school with them at all times, with all items clearly labelled. Our P.E lessons are on a Monday and Thursday.


During this week, we have had lots of missing cardigans and jumpers. Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly labelled in all items of their uniform so that we can return them as soon as possible.


Thank you for a super first week back Kingfishers!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Parsons


Cookery sessions

Every Wednesday afternoon your child takes part in a Healthy Food and nutrition session. During this session each week the class is divided in two, 15 children researching and writing about the dish they are going to make and the other half of the class making and tasting the dish. These session are a great way for children to understand where food comes from and how it is prepared. Mrs Haake and Mrs Dow lead these sessions. During Autumn Term we have made different types of food including popcorn, smoothies, veggie snacks, pitta pockets, sandwich wraps and cheese straws,

We are seeking permission again from you for tyour child to take part in these activities during Spring Term and would appreciate if you can get the forms back to us as soon as possible as sessions start on January 9.  All ingredients will be provided by school.

Week 1 & 2 January 9 & 16 – Tortilla pizzas

Flour tortilla wraps, tomato puree, mozzarella cheese

Week 3 & 4 January 23 & 30 – Fruity frozen yogurt bites

Strawberries, mango, pineapple, kiwi, greek yogurt, fruit coolis

Week 5 & 6 February 6 & 13 – Pancakes

Flour, sugar, baking powder, milk, vegetable oil, egg, maple syrup, fresh berries, banana

Week 7 & 8 February 27 & March 6 – Spring rolls

Rice noodles, bean sprouts, peppers, carrots, chinese leaf cabbage, spring onions, filo pastry, garlic, egg, tomato ketchup

Week 9 & 10 March 13 & 20 – Veggie rice bowl

Vegetable oil, broccoli, peppers, microwave rice, peas, chilli, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, vinegar, spring onions

Week 11 & 12 March 27 & April 3 – Anzac biscuits

Vegetable oil, sugar, golden syrup, baking soda, baking powder, rolled oats, flour

Click here to download the Year 1 Cookery consent letter for Spring 2019.



We had lots of fun feeding Santa’s reindeer! 



Hello Kingfishers,


What an amazing week we have had!

Thank you for all of your hard work making our reindeer decorations, everybody loved them and we sold all of them during the Christmas Fair.


Over the last week we have practised our Christmas Show. I am very proud of the children for remembering their lines and saying them with such enthusiasm. We look forward to you coming to see us performing!


Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Parsons


Enjoying a walk looking for different materials






Hi Kingfishers,


We have had a wonderful week and have had lots of exciting things happening within our classroom!


We have now started practising for our Christmas show and lines for the show will be going out next week. We have already been talking about using our big voices and the Kingfishers are amazing at remembering to use theirs!

We have reached the last week of our space topic and still have lots of fun things to do. But most of all, the Kingfishers are looking forward to ‘Anyone but the Parents’ morning. On Monday 19th November, a visitor can come and share all of the lovely things that we do in class from 9am.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Parsons




Hello Kingfishers,


What a lovely time we have had over the past few weeks! From planting bulbs at Sudley House to visiting Liverpool Hope University for a fun phonics morning.


We also had a visit from a lady who came to talk to us about road safety. We think it is very important as the nights get darker to remember all of things we can do to make sure that we are seen if we are riding our bikes or scooters. Ask your child what they need for a safe journey, I know they will remember!


Bulb planting at Sudley House




Safety first!



Hello Kingfishers, 

We have reached the end of our first half-term as big Year 1 children. You have all been fantastic and I can’t wait for what is to come before Christmas. Well done!


When we return to school, our topic will be Space. We will be looking at the different planets and even aliens that love underpants! If any parents or carers have any knowledge or skills surrounding space, then please let me know. Thank you!


Have a brilliant weekend,

Miss Parsons


The Animal Lady Visit 








The Gruffalo Finger Puppets





Hello Kingfishers, 

What a wonderful week we have had!

We have completed lots of fun science activities for our non-curriculum day and discovered how electricity flows, how some creatures can walk on water and even how to make our very own rainbow. It was very exciting!

Next week our topic changes to The Gruffalo. We will be learning all about the characters in the story, creating a story map and creating brilliant art work.


Have a super weekend,

Miss Parsons



Making a circuit 




Investigating water tension 



Creating a rainbow


We visit our school library every Monday, please make sure your child has their reading book in school with them to ensure they can select a new one.


We now have P.E every Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child has both their indoor and outdoor kit with them in school at all times, as the weather is getting colder we will be starting to wear outdoor P.E kids for any outdoor P.E sessions. The children also have a gymnastics session on a Wednesday afternoon and will be sent home in their outdoor P.E kits. Please return their kit to school the following day.


Spelling books and spellings will be given out each Monday and need to be returned to school each Friday. This will start on Monday 24th September. 

If your child already knows how to spell the words given, then please concentrate on letters being formed correctly, sitting on the line and starting each letter at the correct point.


Homework files will be given out on Friday 21st September with your child’s first piece of homework in. Each Friday your child will be given a piece of homework alternating between Maths and English which you will find on the back of the newsletter. This should be completed in pencil and be kept in their homework file. Guidelines of how to mark your child’s homework and resources to support them are at the front of your child’s file. Homework does not need to be returned to school until Wednesday 5th December. 


Enjoying a walk around our playground to keep us fit and healthy!


Measuring Autumn rainfall with our homemade rain gauge!

Hello Kingfishers!

What an exciting week we have had, from making rain gauges to creating our very own hot air balloons.

Next week we will be carrying on with our topic of Airport and will be looking at the history of flight.

After school clubs start next week and I am sure that you are all very excited!

If your child is attending Dance club, please make sure that they have a spare set of clothes to change into for the session.

Have a brilliant weekend,

Miss Parsons

Welcome back! 

We have had an amazing first week, the new Kingfishers have settled in to our new classroom and have enjoyed being in Year 1.

Next week our topic is Airport. We will be learning all about different types of air travel and even have an airport set up in our classroom!

All Bug Club books have now been changed and I am looking forward to seeing who has been reading.

Have a super weekend,

Miss Parsons


Important information for this year

  • Please bring in both outdoor and indoor P.E kits in the same bag

  • Make sure that your book bag is in everyday and your name is on all of your belongings

  • Spellings and spelling books will be given out each Monday and must be returned to school each Friday

  • Homework will be given out each Friday and must be returned to school by the following Tuesday


Topic Dates Year 1 2018-2019

I am looking forward to seeing you again in September. Have a lovely summer!

Best wishes

Miss Parsons

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