Woodpeckers – Reception

Welcome to Woodpeckers Class Page
We are a Reception class
Our teachers are Mrs O’Rourke and Mrs Doyle.

Our class review is on Thursday 18th July at 2.30. We look forward to seeing you there!


Sports Fun Day

28th of June 2019

The children have been learning all about the circus. We have been very lucky to spend time with Alex who has taught us lots of circus skills. We have all designed our own clown face and made a person on a trapeze.


Remember our class review is on Thursday, the 18th of July at 2:30 pm. All parents are welcome to come and watch.


Sports fun day is this Friday. Thank you for all the parents who have volunteered. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday.



Neurodiversity Umbrellas


The children enjoyed looking at the amazing umbrellas, we have talked about celebrating differences in class.



Mobile Farm Visit

We all had such a fantastic time seeing all the farm animals visit Sudley Infants! We were all very sensible and knew plenty of important facts about the animals that we had learnt on our trip to Church Farm.




Church Farm Trip

We all had an amazing time on our trip. The weather was great too! We enjoyed the tractor ride, collecting eggs from the hen house and feeding all the animals. We had a play in the sand and had to find our way out of a maze! We were all very well behaved and know lots of facts about farm animals.

Teddy Show and picnic

1st May


Since being back at school after the Easter holidays the children have enjoyed watching our five caterpillars growing. We can’t wait for them to hopefully turn into butterflies and watch them fly away. Well done on everybody for making the miniature gardens. They all looked amazing. This week we have been learning all about the life cycle of a frog.  The children were enthusiastic about visiting the pond and we even found some tadpoles in there!

Remember on the 10th of May all the children need to bring in a teddy bear. We will be having a teddy bear show and in the afternoon we will be having our teddy bears picnic. All parents are invited to this so hopefully the weather will be good.

A real fire engine and firefighters came to visit us. It was amazing!

Samba Bamba. We all got to play different instruments, and danced!


We enjoyed taking part in some Science experiments.



8th March 2019

This week we have been playing shop and adding money together. They were very keen to buy stickers! We have been learning about planning a party. We know the importance of shopping lists, invitations and planning a party. On Thursday we had a great time with our book swap. We hope you like your new book!

PE is now on a Thursday so the children will usually come home in their PE kit. This needs to be returned on Monday.


8th February

We have been learning about how to cross the road. We know to stop, look and listen. We enjoyed riding on the bikes and scooters and stopping at the crossing.

Thank you to all the parents who attended our multi-sports morning. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children. The other half of the class will be doing it this Monday.

1st February 2019

The Woodpeckers have all been excited about the recent snow. We have felt ice, played with the snow in class, painted snowmen and made snowflakes.


We have been busy looking at family albums.You have all worked so hard on them. It has been lovely listening to you all tell the class about your families and what you like to do when you are not in school.

25th January

We all enjoyed learning about old and new toys. We saw a teddy that was 40 years old! We have played basketball and have been balancing beanbags on bats.

We had fun bringing in our toys and playing with them all.

17th January 2019

We all made symmetrical pictures, and had fun playing outside. Some children were busy building a brick house like the 3rd little pig.


We have heard different stories of the three little pigs, made wanted posters to find the big bad wolf, and sequenced the story. We all joined in singing the three pigs rap and playing instruments.

We all really enjoyed our walk around school looking at all the different houses.




10th January 2019

Happy New Year to all the Woodpeckers and their families! We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holidays.

This week we have been learning about different homes. We are looking forward to going on our walk on Monday to see what types of houses are near our school. We have been discussing dangers in the home and how to keep ourselves safe. The children were great at spotting dangerous things in a house that we looked at.

We are making junk model houses in class. If you have any spare cereal boxes etc please send them in!

Tomorrow we are watching a pantomime. We are all looking forward to this, a great end to our first week back!

20th December

Thank you all so much for coming to watch our show. All the children were brilliant. We have finished our first term now, and we have all worked so hard. See you all next year!


6th December


We had a very special visitor today, Father Christmas came! We were all very excited to see him. We then had the opportunity to feed real reindeer.

3rd December


23rd November

We have been looking at objects that float and sink. We were amazed to see that a satsuma can do both! We have looked at the author Mick Inkpen and read books written by him. We did lots of activities about Kipper. We also went on a shape hunt around school.


17th November

Today was very exciting as we had two big tanks of sea creatures visit us today. We got to learn and hold starfish, mussels, a Hermit crab and a Spider crab. We now know lots of amazing facts about these creatures. We also spoke about the importance of not throwing plastic on beaches and in the sea as this can harm many creatures.


Most children have been given words to learn for our Christmas Show. Can you please make sure your child knows their lines as soon as possible.  Many thanks.


9th November

Woodpeckers you all did so well in our assembly today. We are all very proud of you. We hope you enjoyed the breakfast.

This week we have been learning all about road safety. We went on the outdoor learning area and had a go at crossing a road safely.

In Maths we have been busy ordering items by their length. We also went around the classroom finding things taller and shorter than ourselves.

We hope you liked the wonderful firework pictures that we made.


2nd November

This week we have been learning about lots of different sea creatures in the sea, and listening to stories about underwater. We explored the inside of a pumpkin and read a fact book all about pumpkins. We have all been busy adding objects and making our own sums.

We can’t wait to see you all next Friday for our Breakfast Assembly.


October 19th

Today we had lots of fun as we got to see and stroke an owl, tortoise, snake and a hedgehog that lives in Africa. We also learnt lots of facts too.


Thursday 11th October

We brought a toy in for £1. This money will go to the North West Air Ambulance Charity. We all had lots of fun and enjoyed sharing our toys.


Why Day!


Sponsored Cube Building.

10th October


We have all finished our cube building and had lots of fun making them. Please bring in your sponsor money as soon as possible. Thanks for those who have already. Remember library books are to come back every Thursday so that the children can pick another one.

5th October

Today we have taken part in a ‘Why?’ day. We had thought about some questions that we wanted to answer.  We have learnt how clouds are made and did an experiment with shaving foam and food colouring.  We also investigated how shadows are formed. We all went into the dark tent and made shadows with torches and different objects. Another experiment was mixing different colours and watching new colours appear. It was all very exciting and we all had fun!

In PE we have been throwing bean bags into hoops and balancing them on different parts of our body.  It has been so much fun!

Please continue to raise money for the charity ‘North West Air Ambulances.’ The children can bring in a toy on Thursday for £1 to help raise money for the charity.

28th September

We have been busy all week. We enjoyed listening to the story of The Leaf Man and have made lovely paintings of him. We all went to library yesterday and enjoyed picking a book. Please make sure these are brought back every Thursday so that they can pick another one. All children will have a reading book so please ensure that they are always in their book bags. Every year we raise money for a particular charity. Please read the letter about this and help by sponsoring your child.

Many thanks


  Here are some photographs to show you how much fun we are all having!


20th September

All the Woodpeckers are settling in very well. We have enjoyed Spanish lessons, Yoga, playing on the bikes and scooters and learning lots of letter sounds.We also enjoy singing. We all know the routine of the day and are all very sensible lining up to go to assemblies and out to play.

We have PE on a Tuesday, Wednesday and a Friday. We are getting really good at dressing ourselves in our PE kit!

We will be getting a reading book and some homework next week. Please leave the reading book in your child’s bookbag.

Thank you


All the Woodpeckers have had a wonderful first day. Well done everyone! We look forward to seeing you on Monday with big smiles! Remember to bring in your buddy card on Monday.

Hello to the new Woodpeckers!

We are looking forward to seeing you again in September. Have a lovely summer!

Best wishes

Mrs Doyle & Mrs O’Rourke

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