School Vision

Our aim is for staff, governors, parents and outside agencies to work together to provide a safe and positive environment in which all children can develop to their full potential regardless of race, creed, gender, age, cognitive or physical difference.  We aim to:


  • deliver the curriculum in a confident, positive and structured manner which caters for the individual child.  All curriculum areas should be made fun and exciting.
  • encourage children to be self-reliant, self-disciplined.
  • foster a happy atmosphere in which all children are encouraged to develop responsibility for managing their own behaviour in an appropriate manner to the various situations encountered.
  • help children achieve their potential in terms of academic achievement, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual awareness.
  • provide support for children’s basic needs.
  • encourage children to trust and respect adults and peers involved in their daily routine regardless of gender, race and creed and be aware of the school’s anti-prejudice statement as an individual within the school and society –  “we do not tolerate discrimination on grounds of sex, colour, ethnic or national origin, language, social class, physical or mental difference”.
  • encourage children to be tolerant and understanding with respect for the rights, views and property of others.
  • foster an awareness that each member of staff is a valuable cog in the wheel of education; decision making should be a team effort and personal prejudices should not be allowed to override positive decision making.
  • help children develop a responsible and independent attitude towards work and their roles in society.
  • involve the school in the community and work as partners with parents and their following school, also to foster the idea that education does not take place solely within the school.
  • identify strengths and areas of concern and take action accordingly by committing ourselves to on-going training and development.
  • encourage parents to have a positive interest, to recognise their value as educators, to be involved as possible in a way which is supportive to the staff.
  • encourage all parties to become actively involved in the Local Management of Schools thereby fostering better cooperation.
  • compile and utilise resources in a manner designed to give the best possible all round education to our children.
  • fulfill national and local educational guidelines.
  • make their time at Sudley Infants enjoyable, fruitful and memorable.