Teaching staff

Headteacher – Ms R. Thomas

Hello everyone , Ms Thomas here. Thanks for taking time to look on our  website.

I spend a lot of time in school hearing children read and helping them choose new books; I read loads of books myself at home. I have a very special friend called Angus. He’s a dog who is sometimes a little bit naughty. If I have any spare time I like going to concerts, theatre and cinema. I love watching ice hockey matches and rugby especially if Wales is playing!






Assistant Headteacher – Mrs P. Mylett

Hello, I’m Mrs Mylett,  I teach in Nightingales class.

When I’m not in school I like going to the park with my two sons and my daughter.  I also like to read books-my favourite children’s authors are Roald Dahl and Julia Donaldson.





Assistant Headteacher – Mrs S. O’Rourke

My name is Mrs O’Rourke and I teach in Woodpeckers class.

I love teaching children how to cook. My favourite things to cook in school are soup, paella and egg fried rice. When I’m not in school I love spending time with my family. I enjoy travelling to new places and meeting different people.






Mrs L. Bosworth

Hi, I’m Mrs Bosworth and I teach Dippers class.

I like taking my dog, Molly, out for lots of walks on the beach. I also have a cat called Charlie who loves having her tummy stroked!







Mrs L. Brown  

I am Mrs Brown. I teach in Robins class.

In school I like to read books and do science experiments. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends. I love going to different countries especially the ones where it is sunny.






Miss G. Collinson

My name is Miss Collinson and I teach in Kingfishers class.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as well as my three cats!





Mrs A. Doyle

I am Mrs Doyle and I teach in Woodpeckers class.

I enjoy doing arts and crafts especially making different things using paints and collage materials. When I am not in school I enjoy spending time with my three children.  We like to go to the park together and we always take our white, fluffy dog called Buddy.





Mrs L. Gallears

Hello! I’m Mrs Gallears, I teach in Woodpeckers and some different classes across the school.

I love to practise yoga and meditation… but my favourite thing to do is curl up with a good book, and read with my children. Our current favourites are Hairy McLary, I Want My Hat Back, and The Cave. We also love to get outdoors and go on lots of adventures!




Mrs R. Hannan

Picture 1
Hello, my name is Mrs Hannan and I teach Puffins class.
When I am not at school I enjoy going to the gym to do exercise and watching films.







Mr R. Hine

Hello, I’m Mr Hine. I teach in Herons class.

I love watching sport, particularly football. I like playing golf (but I’m not very good at it!). I also love singing, I sing in two local choirs. My friends tell me that I also tell lots of terrible jokes, but I think they are funny!






Miss O. Henesy

Hello! My name is Miss Henesy and I am a teacher in Year 2. Some of my favourite things are going to the cinema, reading books and baking. I also love to travel and visit different cities.






Miss H. Jenkins


Hi, I’m Miss Jenkins! During my time outside of school I enjoy spending time my two children. We like to go on long walks with our dog Lola. I also enjoy spending time with family and going travelling to different places exploring.




Mrs H. McGlory

My name is Mrs McGlory and I teach Sparrows class.

I love teaching dance classes.  When I am not in school I enjoy walking my dogs and visiting the cinema.





Miss N. McGrattan

My name is Miss McGrattan and I teach Blackbirds class.

In school I love teaching drama. When I am not in school I like to go to the theatre to watch shows.






Miss L. Muchmore

Hello, my name is Miss Muchmore and I teach in Owls class.

In my spare time I enjoy going for walks to the park with my children and little dog.

I like to read, going out for meals with my family and Italian food is my favourite.






Mrs R. Oasgood

Hello, my name is Mrs Oasgood. I teach in Nightingales class.

I have a dog called Alfie and I like to take him to the forest or the beach.







Miss B. Poole

Hello, my name is Miss Poole and I teach Linnets class. In school I love teaching History and Science. Outside of school I enjoy reading about science, going to the museum or walking my Maltese dog Teddy.





Mrs L. Ridehalgh

Hello, my name is Mrs Ridehalgh. I teach in lots of different classes across the school.

I enjoy  teaching PE. My favourite sport is netball. I play for a local netball team and have lots of fun playing matches each week.






Miss S. Smith

My name is Miss Smith and I teach in Finches class.

In school I love teaching Science and History. When I am not in school I enjoy fishing, it is very relaxing. I usually take a book with me, my favorite authors are Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss.