Values & Ethos

Sudley Infants is a very successful school, where children are at the heart of all we do. Our ethos is summarised in our school motto – Building Bright Futures. At Sudley Infants we aim to create a secure, caring and stimulating learning environment in which everyone can develop and do well. To this end, we share a commitment to achieving the highest possible academic standards, alongside the development of our children as confident, caring and responsible citizens.

Sudley Infant School is a happy and friendly school, staffed by a committed and talented team of teachers, teaching assistants, lunchtime and premises teams and office staff who in turn are supported by the Board of Governors and the SIPFA (Sudley Infants Parents & Friends Association)

At Sudley Infants we firmly believe that a key factor in helping children develop and achieve lies in the relationship between home and school and we work hard to ensure there are many opportunities for parents/carers to work with us.

At Sudley Infant School we want to engage pupils to become skilled and self motivated, lifelong learners, through an enjoyable, memorable curriculum which provides pupils with:

  • More opportunities
  • More time to talk about learning
  • More helpful comments on marking
  • Less directing
  • More choice
  • More responsibility
  • More collaboration
  • More access to the best resources


  • Relevant
  • Local
  • Fun
  • Talk filled
  • Evolving
  • Creative
  • Enriching


  • Successful learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Responsible Citizens
  • Reflective contributors

I hope the next three years brings a positive experience that you and your child will keep with you forever.


Kind regards,


Ms Ruth Thomas



Sudley Infant School promotes happiness, caring, a love of learning and high achievement by

encouraging and helping children to:-

1. Develop enquiring minds, a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.

2. Have high self esteem and respect and care for themselves, others and the world in which we live.

3. Achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum.

4. Develop information technology skills needed for the future.

5. Be motivated, self disciplined and confident.

6. Be able to work independently, co-operatively and collaboratively in a variety of situations.

7. Be adaptable and flexible in an ever changing world.

8. Be able to fulfil themselves socially, physically, academically, emotionally, culturally and morally to the best of their own ability.

Vision statement

We provide and ensure:

1. A happy, friendly, caring environment, which is safe and secure and allows children the right to be wrong.

2. A rich, stimulating, structured learning environment.

3. Access to a broad, balanced, challenging curriculum appropriate to the needs of each child and which provides a wealth of learning experiences both in and out of school, securing a firm foundation of knowledge and skills on which to build for the future.

4. A committed, motivated, dedicated and highly skilled staff which secures high quality teaching which will both challenge and support the pupils learning.

5. Quality teaching and learning resources which are appropriately varied and up to date.

6. That everyone involved with school – staff, governors, parents and children work as a team for the good of all involved.

We are committed to these Aims and Vision and will constantly strive for improvement.