Art & Design

At Sudley Infant School we provide the children with a variety of opportunities to experiment with different media and techniques in both 2 and 3 dimensions. We aim to promote an interest in and love of art and to equip our pupils with the skills to freely express themselves in an artistic way.

Pupils produce a range of creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences. They develop skills in drawing, painting and sculpture as well as a range of other art, craft and design techniques.

Our art curriculum is designed to develop the children’s key artistic skills. These skills are revisited and built upon during each academic year to ensure continuous progress. An example of the skill progression within painting development can be seen below:



Reception– Investigate mark making and colour mixing, developing paint brush control.


Year 1 – Refine painting techniques and develop skills in using watercolour paints.


Year 2 – Select own tools for painting and create new effects by learning to use paints in different ways.



We also use the outdoor environment to provide a focus for our work.

In EYFS the children enjoy exploring colour mixing.

In Key Stage 1 the children have lots of opportunities to develop their skills using colour in interesting ways, such as pointillism and water colour gradients.


Working with local artists

We are very lucky to work closely with a local artist, Ian Fennelly, who comes into school to work with our Year 2 children each year. In recent years the children have created some very detailed watercolour paintings as well as fantastic sculptures. Mr Fennelly teaches the children various techniques and skills to make sure that each piece of artwork is unique.


The Umbrella Project

As part of an initiative to raise awareness and celebrate ADHD and neurodiversity, in the summer term of 2019 our school took part in the Umbrella project. Each class decorated their own umbrellas around the theme of ‘celebrating being me’. They have been hung in our reception outdoor area to create a canopy of dazzling, coloured, suspended umbrellas.