Breakfast Club


Sudley Infant School Breakfast Club is able to care for up to 30 children, between the ages of 4 and 7, who attend Sudley Infant School.


Places are offered on a first-come first-served basis. When all places have been filled a waiting list will be established, with the following order of priority:

  • Siblings of children already attending the club
  • Those requiring the greatest number of sessions/hours per week




When an enquiry regarding places is made, parents or carers will be given all the relevant club information, including:

  • Information regarding availability of places
  • Details of the Admission and Fees policy
  • Registration form, medical form, parent contract, booking form.


If a place is available, the child will be able to attend the Breakfast Club as soon as the completed forms and registration fee are received.


If no places are available the parent or carer will be informed and the child’s name added to the waiting list. As soon as places become available, parents or carers will be informed.



Booking procedure

Parents must complete the necessary paperwork- registration, medical and booking form, before their children can attend the club. There is also a £10 registration fee each academic year.


Once booked into a permanent place in the Breakfast Club, if a child does not attend for any reason, parents or carers will still be charged for the place. If the place is to be cancelled permanently, one month’s notice in writing is required.



Fee structure

£10.00 registration fee to be paid with completed form annually each academic year.

  • Fees are charged at £5.50 per morning.
  • Fees are payable weekly in advance
  • Fees can be paid by cheque or cash (please note cheques must be £10 or over)
  • Fees are charged for booked sessions whether the child attends or not


Please see other terms and conditions found on the registration form which is available from the school office.