Design Technology

Children use creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems.  They create purposeful, functional products for themselves and others based upon a design criteria. They develop specific skills in working with textiles, mechanisms, construction materials and food.


Year 2 have recently been making sculptures that can be used to help tell the story of Roald Dahl’s book, The Twits.

They used the descriptions within the book to carry out market research to help them with their designs. One design had sad faces in Mr Twit’s eyes to help explain Roald Dahl’s idea that ‘bad thoughts show upon your face and make you ugly.’

The design brief was to make a sculpture out of recyclable materials, the group chose to re-use old plastic milk bottles.


Year 1 have also been working hard. They have recently investigated the most effective way to bond materials together in order to make a puppet. Can you guess which story these puppets are based upon?

EYFS classes have also been doing lots of junk-modelling and have all made houses out of re-used materials. They have linked it to re-using materials to help to protect our environment.