Design Technology

At Sudley Infant School we provide children with a range of opportunities to explore and develop their creative skills. The children explore a variety of different skills in DT lessons which they develop and refine as they progress through the school. Design and Technology lessons follow a set of steps; research the product that we are looking at, design our own version, create our design and then evaluate our product.



It is our intent at Sudley Infant School that the Design and Technology curriculum inspires the children to be creative and confident in their abilities to create something of their own design. We follow an exciting Design and Technology curriculum that has been planned and developed specifically for our school to ensure children are able to learn new skills and improve and perfect these skills as they move through the school.

The curriculum is designed to show progress from Reception through to Year 2.


The curriculum has been planned to ensure children develop skills and that these skills are added to and they progress as they move through the school. Children learn to construct with a purpose in mind and learn to select the tools and techniques they need to shape, join and assemble the materials they are using. As their skills progress and develop the children are able to design and construct with a consumer in mind and can plan who they think would use their product. The children are provided with different opportunities to make products with a consumer in mind that they are able to sell. For example every Christmas each class selects a craft to make that they are then able to sell at the Christmas Fair. This is something the children really enjoy each year.

Design and Technology also covers cooking and nutrition. The children have various opportunities throughout their years at Sudley to cook and make a variety of different dishes. The children learn where food comes from and how it is grown. They learn the importance of nutrition and healthy eating and also the importance of safety and cleanliness when preparing food.

Here you can see children preparing vegetables to make a soup.


Our curriculum is high quality and well planned to show a clear progression. We focus on progression skills in techniques they learn and on progression of their evaluative skills.

We measure the impact of our curriculum by:

  • Work scrutiny – The outcomes of the teaching of Design and Technology across the school can be viewed through planning sheets in the children’s DT files and through photographic evidence that is uploaded to Evidence Me.
  • Discussions with staff about Design and Technology teaching as well as questionnaires to staff on the curriculum
  • Ongoing assessment, topic sheets completed after each topic
  • Lesson observations/learning walks
  • Data analysed each term

We aim for all children to achieve age related expectations in Design and Technology at the end of Key Stage 1 and that they will have developed the creative and evaluative skills to help them progress further as they move into Key Stage 2.

Please see below for some pictures which show the creative progress in different year groups.

In EYFS we concentrate on creating with a purpose in mind. Here you can see some junk modelling of houses.


In Year 1 we focus on designing our products and thinking of their purpose throughout the designing and creating process.


In Year 2 we continue to develop our designing and creating skills and think more about what consumer would want or use their product. We also think more about the specific materials we would need to use and why.

When the children move on to creating their designs they have their designs close by to reference back to. The children use a variety of materials to create their designs.

Here you can see children preparing vegetables to make a soup.

As part of our Eco Schools we designed and made birdfeeders using recycled milk bottles.

The children make puppets to help further understand characters in stories.

We use different techniques when creating our designs, here you can see how we have made our version of a moving picture.