Dippers – Year 1

Welcome to Dippers!


We are a Year 1 class and our teachers are Mrs Bosworth and Mrs Oasgood.


I have just been looking at your work on Purple Mash and Bug club and I am thrilled with the work you are doing.  I just wanted to say a huge well done to Kieran, Solomon and Blake who have completed lots of the maths quizzes.  Finley has done a great piece of work telling me about the times he does certain activities during the day – I have put it on the class display board for everyone to see.

I was amazed to see that Mae has read 74 books on Bug Club over the past 3 months – keep it up!  A special well done to Lily, Xander, Josh, Martha and Kieran who have also been reading lots of books!

28 June 2020

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Hi Dippers!

I hope you’re all happy and well!  This weather just gets more and more strange doesn’t it, one minute is pouring with rain and then 10 minutes later the sun is shining – I have lost count of the number of times I’ve put my washing in the line to dry only to have to rush out and get it in again because it’s started raining!  My sunflowers are enjoying the rain, some of them are nearly as tall as Noah and Jack.  We’ve planted them in the front garden so people can enjoy them as they walk past.


Well, we’ve been down to the beach again, this time we were looking in rock pools to see what we could find.  We found lots of starfish, barnacles, cockles, muscled, periwinkles, jellyfish and even some anemones.







I just wanted to pop on quickly to say that the class display board on Purple Mash has been updated. Kieran has been writing some instructions for growing seeds which are great (you know me and Mrs Bosworth love anything to do with gardens!) and I’ve been looking closely at the medals on there as well. Both of them are bright and glittery and remind me of a medal I got last year. In October there is a special run in Liverpool called the Scouse 5k. Last year’s medal was just as bright and glittery as the ones that Lily and Kieran have designed. There are also lovely fact files from Xander and Martha, and a cool red car from James.

I actually have one of these medals! Not for running, I just banged my drum at the end. I have put it in my school bag so I can show you when we are back to school.


I’ve got my fingers crossed for the heatwave this week! Mr Oasgood is in the middle of putting a shed together and had to stop because of the rain last week so the wood needs to dry out again.

This week I am no further forward with Privet Drive. We’ve been playing with the Knight Bus and making our own vehicles.

We’ve also been reading The Darkest Dark by a Chris Hadfield. He is a singing astronaut, very famous for a music video he made in space. Can you find out what it is? He has also written a book about a little boy (himself!) who wants to explore the universe but he doesn’t feel very brave because actually he’s afraid of the dark. I have really enjoyed it because he realises just how brave he is and how exciting space is. 




Hello Dippers!

I hope you all had a great weekend. What was that thunder like on Saturday night?! It has rumbled on and off since then as well by me. I was telling Robin about my Granny and her dog. They didn’t like the thunder and used to go and sit in the linen cupboard so they couldn’t see the lightning. Alfie can’t hear so he slept through it and Harry needed big cuddles because he didn’t like the big booms. They are a cheeky pair.

I’ve started a new Lego build this week as well. I got Privet Drive from Harry Potter to build and it is enormous! We’ve done two of the bags and it’s still only the bottom floor. Can you see my beetroot and onion pots in the background? They’re by a company called SylvaC and they made lots of pots that look like this, I love them! Mr Oasgood thinks they’re an eyesore.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Oasgood.


Hi Dippers!

Hope you are all safe and well!
We’ve managed to go on a couple of walks this week even though the weather hasn’t been too great.  We’ve been to Delamere forest and saw the big statue of the Gruffalo and had a picnic, my dogs loved exploring in all the undergrowth.  This is a picture of one of my dogs, Molly, she is a beagle and is 8years old.

We also went for a walk to the beach and a local park.  Noah and Jack wanted to have a paddle, it was a bit cold for me to join in.  They found a mermaids purse which is probably a dog fish egg.  In the park we are lucky enough to have a fairy village, it’s lovely to see all the fairy houses, there’s also a troll the lives in the grass but don’t worry he’s very friendly!

Take care,

Mrs Bosworth












Hello Dippers!
I’ve not got much to report this week. The rain has made the flowers really happy, I couldn’t keep up with watering them so I am really glad we’ve had a good few days of soaking. When I went out to do my evening bimble around I really liked the droplets of water caught on the plants. One of them is an alchemilla mollis and I just love the name! It’s a bit like a tongue twister. I’ve also added my most flourished hydrangea head. I’ve counted 11 that are a bit smaller, I think two weeks and it will be gorgeous.
I’ve added a few riddles as well. Once you’ve solved them can you make your own up?













NASA & SpaceX – 12th June

In my house I have been doing a mini project about the International Space Station (ISS) for the last two weeks. I was really excited watching for the Dragon shuttle to launch In May and were so disappointed when it was delayed. When it finally launched on 30 May I couldn’t believe how fast it moved! I was wondering how many of you might have been watching it from your homes too?.

Please click here to find out more about the astronauts who are on the ISS.


I have attached some of the things I did in case you want to do some space activities too.

10 things to put in my space rocket worksheet

Space themed maths activities

Back to Earth with a bump ebook






Hi Dippers!

Hasn’t the weather changed all of a sudden, it was hailing this morning, can you believe it?  My garden is certainly enjoying the rain, the grass was starting to look very dry and brown.

While we still had the lovely sunshine I took Noah and Jack down to the prom by my house and flew their kites-it was great fun!  Also, in one of the fields their was a HUGE rainbow painted on the grass, it was so big a couldn’t get a photograph of it all.

We’ve also done some more baking, this time we made flapjacks, they were delicious! 😋

It’s been lovely seeing all of the fantastic work you have been doing on Purple Mash, don’t forget if you would like us to display them on our class board, type ‘Post Me’ in the comments.

Oh, did any of you find out that a baby goose is called a gosling?  Well done if you did!

Take care and keep being good for your grown ups!

Mrs Bosworth










Whole school sails art project

During these challenging and unprecedented times we are so proud of how our Sudley community have come together to support each other in many different ways. To our parents who have been brilliant home educators, our children who uplift us all with your beautiful bright rainbows in windows and especially to our key workers – we thank, clap for and celebrate you all.

To mark this time in our lives we have decided to create a whole school art project to reflect and remember our solidarity, based around the idea of ‘Sailing Through Together’.

For more details please look on the tab on the home learning page or download the sails artwork project information sheet here.




We have been so lucky with the weather! I feel like I talk about it all the time, but isn’t it just lovely to get outside and see the sun shining. I hope you’ve all been putting suncream on and wearing your hats. When we’ve been out walking this week we have seen a lighthouse and a statue of Big John from Hale. You might have seen his feet at Speke Hall. Can you find out any more information about him? 







We’ve been really busy in our gardens as spring turns to summer. I’m looking everyday at my hydrangea to see if it’s ready for flowers as it’s one of my favourites and is a beautiful colour. I might have news next week! Of course the dogs have been helping us all. Harry got told off because he kept bringing the leaves into the house. Look at the mess!







From Mrs Oasgood.



Hi everyone!

Hope you’re enjoying the half term-isn’t the weather gorgeous!  The flowers in my garden have really started to bloom!  I have to remember to water them every few days though, especially the ones in pots.  My sunflowers are doing well and growing quickly so I planted them out into the garden – luckily they didn’t get damaged in the strong winds we had at the weekend.

we took a walk to the local park to see some of the wildlife.  There were lots of baby geese which were very cute and fluffy.  Do you know what a baby goose is called?  Maybe you could find out.


Mrs Bosworth











It’s the start of half term! Hurray! What a lovely start as well, now that wind has died down. We changed the rainbow in our window again this week. I was a bit worried about getting the old one off. The packet of pens said they were easy to wipe off but I did wonder. However, it did come off easily so we have a new design! We went from having Elmer and a small rainbow to filling the window. I am really pleased with it.







We also entered an art competition to make a wand. Because it was our first time we got a badge! We have also been using all our boxes to make junk models. Hope you like our robot, Robin has named it Bob.






Mrs Oasgood.



Whilst you have been learning at home we have seen lots of lovely work in purple mash. We think it would be fun if you could all see each other’s work so you could have it posted on our class display boards. Any work you would like posted needs to be saved and handed in. If you want a piece of work posting then please type ‘post me’ in the comments to teacher box when you save and hand in your work. We are not able to put photos of children on the display board.





Another week has gone by and everyone has been busy in the garden again. Due to the time of year I have been looking carefully at the plants in the garden and on my walks for something called cuckoo spit. It is white and frothy, hence it having that name. But it has nothing to do with birds! It comes from young bugs called froghoppers and helps to protect them from being eaten. It needs to be recorded as they can carry a nasty disease that harms plants, so scientists like to know where the frog hoppers have been. If you look carefully you can see under the leaf there is a blob of cuckoo spit. Alfie has tried to help as well.

Mrs Oasgood








Mrs Bosworth here!

I’ve had another busy week,  remember all of those egg boxes I said I had?  Well, one afternoon I got our paints out with Noah and Jack and we painted them all and made rainbow – we then talked about all the different adjectives we could use to describe it, some of the ones we came up with were colourful, bright and vivid – can you think of any more?

A local artist from the Wirral has painted some fabulous pieces artwork on walls dotted across Wallasey so we went for a walk to find them, it was lovely to be out in the sunshine!








Well I spent last week enjoying some more of the good weather and doing some gardening.  I was thrilled to see how well my sunflower and carrot seeds are doing.  I’m hoping for a sunflower taller than me this year!

I have also been enjoying some nice walks and appreciating the beautiful scenery, we are so lucky where we live – there are lots of open spaces, parks and Otterspool prom close by.  I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance of a beach so have had lots of walks there with my family and dogs.

Have you noticed how much more rubbish your household is producing while we’re spending much more time at home?  Maybe you can look into ways you can reduce some of your waste or recycle things.  We made some colourful little elephants out of old milk bottles.  I have lots of empty egg boxes so i will be using them for a craft project soon – watch this space for photographs!

I have also taken up a new hobby – crocheting!  It’s taken me a while to get the hang of it but with lots of practise I’m getting better at it.  Have you started a new hobby?


Mrs Bosworth








I hope your are all still having lots of fun and enjoying doing some of your Home Learning tasks.  We know it’s hard for you all and are missing being in school and seeing your friends – we miss you all too!

Remember how I said I was practising a long forgotten skill? Well I can tell you that it is in fact VERY long forgotten. I used to play flute and was very good. I haven’t picked it up in about 20 years and I can tell you I have forgotten so much. So I am relearning from online videos and hope to find some of my old music in the attic to play again as well. If you ever pick up an instrument and are told to do your practise make sure you are doing at least 10 minutes every day!

Mrs Oasgood








MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! One of the best days of the year. I have got my t shirt on and my Boba Fett earrings are swaying in my ears! I have also ordered a Lego set that I cannot wait to show you (my clue is that it is related to my earrings). I have started sewing my Christmas decorations and we had a go at making tube characters.







After our book reviews last week did you see that Michelle Obama read There’s A Dragon In My Book? It’s another one I like because I get to imagine a great big ice cream. This week we have tried to make our own ice cream with frozen bananas. It has been so warm that they have been turning brown quickly, and my banana bread is not the best. However I am the queen of ice cream! We used frozen bananas and whizzed in some raspberries as well.

As a little challenge this week, I am going to try and pick up a skill that I used to have a long time ago but I have not practised for a long time. Hopefully I can give you some good news next week!

Do not forget to keep going with Purple Mash, we are really enjoying what you are handing in.


Book reviews – 27 April

Two of the suggested English tasks for this week are to read a book review from a teacher and then write your own.

Remember, you can choose any of the books, it doesn’t have to be the review from your teacher! We hope you have fun reading some of our favourite stories.

Miss Parsons- book review of Monsters love underpants

Miss Smith- book review of The bear who shared

Miss Thompson- book review of Wait

Mrs Bosworth- book review of The day the crayons quit

Mrs Mylett- book review of The Enormous Crocodile

Mrs Oasgood- book review of There’s a monster in your book



And it is the start of a new term! You have been really busy over the holidays with Purple Mash and Active Learn. Don’t forget there are maths activities on Active Learn as well. This week we would be learning about Queen Victoria. You can find some ideas, as well as some maths and English activities here.

We have had another week of lovely weather and I have really enjoyed walking around different areas near me. Has anyone else noticed there are lots more birds about? All of those birds we practised recognising in class have been in and out of the garden. Plus we spotted a pair of herons and these chicks when we were out and about.









We hope you have had a lovely Easter weekend and the Easter bunny managed to visit you all!

It is lovely to see so many if you are still enjoying the home learning tasks we have been setting, remember there will be new ones each week – just look in the home learning section of the website.

The weather has been beautiful the past week, so I have been busy in the garden – I found a little frog hiding in a cool damp corner.  I have also been baking lots of cakes!








We cannot believe how busy you have been at home! There is lots of great work being handed in on Purple Mash, it is lovely to see you working so hard. Bug Club is also really busy and we are adding more books all the time. If you go to this page then you will also see that all of us in Year 1 have been thinking of activities that you can do in maths, English and for the topics we would be doing in school.

I have been going through my phone and trying to sort out all the pictures I have been taking. I found these two from the last time I went to the zoo. I got to see baby Riva and she was also on the first live stream from Chester Zoo. I took a picture of this question so we could talk about it in school. What do you think?








Well, that was a funny old week. How did you all get on at home? I have seen so many rainbows on my walks and they are so cheery. My favourite spot of the week has been these daffodils – the weather last week was so beautiful and these have just made me realise that Spring is really on its way. Check on the Year 1 home learning page for this week’s newsletter, or click here.






Topic List 

Year 1 Topic List 2019-2020


Useful websites

Bug Club – https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/sudleyinfant/UploadedDocument/7465ce3f636f463bb7206153235b4493/log-onto-bug-club.docx

All children have been allocated books on Bug Club to read. Childrens reading books will be collected in and there are plenty of books available on the children’s accounts on Bug Club that they can read. Their individual log in details are in the front of their reading record books.


Purple Mash – https://www.purplemash.com/sch/sudley-infant

Children all have their personal log in details in their reading record book for purple mash. The children all know how to navigate purple mash and there are lots of learning resources available.


Twinkl – https://www.twinkl.co.uk/blog/how-to-utilise-twinkl-during-the-coronavirus-shutdown-a-guide-for-schools

Twinkl are taking steps to support continued learning at home, by offering the teachers and parents of children in schools which are closed, or facing closure, free access to all Twinkl resources for a period of one month and possibly longer depending on closures. Twinkl is a fantastic website which provides resources for all subjects in all age ranges. They have created packs for parents to download and share during this time.

Use code CVDTWINKLHELPS for free access.


Phonics play – https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/

This is a site dedicated to phonics. A lot of parents already know what phonics phase their child is on, however if you do not you can select each phase and read them through with your children. You will be able to easily identify where they are working at and try and push them onto the next stage. Please make sure you consolidate their learning first before moving onto the next phase.

Phonics is just one of the many components to help children with their reading and writing. Keep on reading as much as you can with the children as this makes a huge difference.

Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe. To access the resources all you need to do is log on using the following details.

Username: march20
Password: home


Oddizzi – https://www.oddizzi.com/

Oddizzi is an e-learning resource and community that immerses children in the real world. There are lots of geography resources available for the children to access at home. Their log in details are in their reading record books.


Mental health at home Over the next few weeks we will all experience extra pressures that will affect how we think and feel. It’s important to recognise that all of us have mental health and, just like our physical health, at this time it’s important to look after it. On page 5 of this booklet there is a checklist of little activities to complete.

Primary Schools’ Wellbeing Booklet




All belongings should have children’s names on, this includes PE kits, book bags, coats and water bottles.

PE is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Please make sure the children have their kits in school on each of the above days.

Library in every Monday.  Please return books each week so your child can choose a new one to bring home.

Reading books should be brought into school every day.

Spelling books will be sent home on a Monday and should be returned to school on Friday.


Enjoying the sunshine with the rest of the school dancing to some our favourite songs!













Exploring paint and colour and what happens when we add white.  Great fun!




















We have been really busy this term! We have been learning about our world and how we can help to keep the environement safe. We had a special breakfast assembly with our parents and we shared our message with them.



Washing our hands

We have taken a lot of time this week to talk about how to wash our hands properly and then to practise doing it ourselves.

  1. Wet your hands thoroughly.
  2. Rub the soap on for 20 seconds. Do the fronts and backs of your hands, in between your fingers and around the wrists.
  3. Wash the soap off.
  4. Dry them thoroughly.

It is important that as soon as we come into school we wash our hands and make sure it is the first thing we do when we get home.









As part of learning about our environment we have been exploring our playground and how it has changed since Autumn. We are getting our first signs of spring! We will also be looking at how we can use our playground as part of our sculpture work. We looked at the work of James Brunt and how he uses leaves, stones and twigs to make sculptures.








Maths trails

We have just been to IM Marsh to do some maths activities with the students. We had a great afternoon!








Exploring materials and plastics

It is amazing how many ways you can describe even just a plastic bag! However, we are environmentally conscious so we also learned about Jamie Garcia, who has invented a biodegradable plastic. We have also looked at the work of the sculpture artist Michelle Reader – her sculptures are made out of found objects.  We liked the fish that she made – they were sculpted from materials found in the River Thames to raise awareness of all the rubbish thrown in there.









Raising money for World Mental Health day

We all wore something that was yellow.







Making aeroplanes out of Lego.

We had to make the wingspan as wide as we could.









We did lots of activities based on the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.  We came up with lots of different things we could use a stick, we made our own family trees, we found out how paper is made and collaged our own Stick People.  It was great fun!






Charities work

We raised money for Autism Together as part of our charities work this term.  All the children in Dippers took part in a sponsored yoga session. Thank you for your support!