Dippers – Year 1

Welcome to the Dippers!


Dipper | John R Barlow Wild Bird Photographer


We are a Year 1 class, and our teachers are Mrs Bosworth and Mrs Gallears.

Our Learning Support Assistant is Miss Pastorelli


Please scroll down down for updates, and pictures of our learning in the Dippers at Sudley.


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Curriculum Information

Year 1 Topics

Click here to see what we will be learning about this half term: Summer 1

Our Current Topic is: Adrift



  • Book bags and reading books should be sent into school each day.
  • Please label all belongings with children’s names, this includes PE kits, book bags, coats and water bottles.
  • Children should have both their indoor and outdoor PE kits in school at all times.  They will be sent home regularly to be washed. 
  • Homework will be set using Class Dojo/Purple Mash on a Friday, to be in by Tuesday if possible. You will also find homework on our newsletter each week (see above) along with a list of spellings we will be practising in school that week.



Dippers have PE on Monday and Friday, plus every other Tuesday.



We really enjoyed our trip to Church Farm yesterday! Everybody was so well behaved and respectful towards the animals, we were very proud. We started by playing in the sand pit, and the weather was so nice it was like being on holiday! Lots of children were working together building sandcastles and lots of other exciting things. After that, we took a tractor ride around the farm, and one of the Farmers told us all about the animals. We fed the horses, donkeys, sheep, cows and goats! We were also introduced to the newest animals on the farm, the reindeer. Did you know that only females have their antlers during winter months?  We found out that means all of Santa’s reindeer must be females. Next we fed the Meerkats. We had a nice picnic too! What a lovely day!

Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth




What glorious sunshine we have had this week. We have enjoyed spending time outside when we can. The children have created some wonderful stories in English, and in Maths we have been working on our tens and ones:

We have been exploring Kate Chesters’ Art, and even had a virtual tour around her studio! In P.E we have been learning to throw at a target. Here are some pictures of us enjoying P.E. this week:

We are all rather excited for our trip to Church Farm next week. For homework, we have set a To Do on Purple Mash to write about your favourite farm animal. There is a checklist of information you might want to include.

Keep those hats on and wear plenty of sun cream this weekend! Keep cool with plenty of water and sit in the shade when you can!

Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth,


What a lovely day, today we released our butterflies and one landed on someone’s hand!
Have a lovely half term everyone! During the school holiday it is important to keep reading. For your homework this week we would like to see a photograph of somewhere unusual that you have been reading a book or a comic. This may be on a beach, in a den or under a tree! The list is endless! We look forward to seeing your photographs.
Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth


Hello! 🦋 Look who has emerged today from chrysalis! It is a painted lady butterfly, you can find our about them here- https://butterfly-conservation.org/butterflies/painted-lady


Hello, Dippers! This week we have all been working hard on our poetry. We each worked on, created, and edited our own ‘Who am I?’ riddles for a poetry competition run by Young Writers. You can find out all about it, including the prizes here.

Exciting news for our caterpillars, they have formed chrysalides! Inside, something magical is happening and our adult butterflies usually emerge from the chrysalides in 7 to 14 days. Keep your eyes peeled!

Next week, our topic will be ‘Green Fingers.’

Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth



We have been learning about Australia! Mrs Bosworth brought in her digeridoo for us to look at. We learnt that wooden didjeridoos are made form eucalyptus branches. Termites nest in these branches, eating the wood from the inside outwards. In Design and Technology this week, we sculpted koala bears and kangaroos. Here are some of our creations. Have a restful weekend! Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth


Well done to everyone who told a joke today in class! They were so funny, and we all had a good giggle! A few of our favourites:
What is in the corner, but travels the world? A stamp! (Saffron)
Why are teddy bears never hungry? Because they are always stuffed! (Hazel)
Why are fish smart? Because they live in a school. (Ayub)
What is a snake’s favourite subject? Hisssssstory! (Nelly)
What do you get when you plant kisses? Tulips! (Mrs Gallears)

Here are some photographs of our comedians! Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth


It has been lovely to see all of the children back in school today with big smiles on their faces! They have enjoyed seeing all their friends and telling us all of their news from the past few months.
All the children that had their reading books in school have got a new book at the correct level for them. A little reminder that reading books should be sent into school every day.

PE days will be Monday and Friday each week (starting next week) and every other Thursday (starting this week).

Here is a picture of our new reading corner, ready for the children to enjoy:

Using X box or PlayStation to access remote learning

If you are having problems accessing online/ remote learning and have an X box or PlayStation you can click on the link below. This will help you get online and help you access the remote learning set by school if you do not have a suitable device such as tablet or laptop.

Remote Learning via PlayStation 4 or Xbox One


A Magical Christmas by Dippers   

Please find your link to the class performance of ‘A Magical Christmas’.


The password will be sent out in a separate email and also via message on ClassDojo.

Please remember that images and videos of the performance should not be shared on social media or anywhere else online.

We hope that you enjoy watching the show together as a family.

Merry Christmas!



We will be using Class Dojo to set homework, and work to do at home in case of isolation. Please use use the exercise book sent home to record any isolation work for us. We will also produce paper copies if required. Thank you to all who have signed up to Class Dojo!



Please use this link to add yourself to our class.

Once the parent account has been set up you can link your child to your account.



🎅🏻 18.12.20 🎅🏻

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We have had a lovely Autumn Term, with birthday party day, Elf School, visits from Santa and Reindeer, Christmas dinners, Christmas jumper day, Christmas party day and more!


We even had some time to play with the toys Father Christmas brought for our class. 

You have all worked so hard, have a restful, and joyful Christmas break and we will see you in January 2021!
Love Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth 



🎅🏻 07.12.20 🎅🏻

Today we had extra special visitors at Sudley! We met Father Christmas and his reindeer! We were ever so happy! Father Christmas gave us some presents for our classroom and he answered all of the questions we had for him.

The reindeer were lovely. The kind Elves told us all about them. Did you know that male reindeer shed their antlers every winter? We couldn’t believe that means that Father Christmas’ reindeer must all be females! We learnt lots about reindeer, ask us to tell you a fact!

We all wore our Christmas jumpers. Thank you so much for bringing in £1 for Garston Food Bank.

Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth.



This week we have been learning about money in maths. We have been recognising and adding coins to make different amounts. You can practise at home with the pennies in your money box.
Mrs Bosworth and Mrs Gallears

30.11.20 A.K.A… ELF SCHOOL DAY! 🎅🏻

WOW! Our lovely little Dipper Elves have worked so hard today learning how to be an Elf. The art of Christmas Tree Decoration, Paper Chain making, decoration making and more! If you would like to purchase the tree decoration your Elf made, please send in 50p. We even had a very special message from Father Christmas himself. It was very exciting. Sparkle the kindness Elf came to visit with a special letter too. What kind things can you do this week?

Mrs Bosworth and Mrs Gallears



This week was Anti-Bullying Week. The Dippers were so empathetic and learnt all about what bullying is, and what to do if they feel they, or someone else, is being bullied. We carried on with rhyming, and Oi, Frog! which we all really enjoyed.

In maths we have been looking at properties of 2D shapes and learnt about symmetry. We have been working so hard on our lines, songs and dances for the Christmas Show! Thank you for practising at home! There is an excited buzz around school, as we all are very excited for Elf school! 🎅🏻


Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth


A big THANK YOU for all your generosity for Children in Need. We played ‘Beat the Goalie’ to raise money, and had lots of fun too! We took as many pictures as we could, but some were too speedy to catch! Well done to all of the children who beat the goalie! We also learnt all about Diwali today, The Festival of Light. In History, we have been looking at our local area. Today we looked at Sudley House. Did you know, ‘Aigburth’ is Old Norse, and means ‘Oak Tree Hill’?

Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth

We would like to share with you the rainbow of poppies we made in honour of Remembrance Day. Each child made a poppy to add to our rainbow. We hope you like it.


What a super start to Autumn 2. We really enjoyed our music lesson this week – Classroom Taps. We listened to the sounds we could hear in our classroom environment, and made a musical pattern. Some Dippers even got a head Teachers Award from Mrs Thomas for their work! We were very proud.


We have been looking at the Nursery Rhyme ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ and adapting/changing it. We changed the animal and the verb, and performed our new nursery rhyme to the class! Our favourite was;

Hickory Dickory Dock, the duck waddled up the clock, the clock struck one… the duck waddled down… Hickory Dickory Dock! 🕐

Performing our new rhymes:

In P.E we have been practising our underarm throw, you can practise at home! Make a game of trying to get your object into a target – keep a score of how many you get! Can you beat your adult/sibling?

Mrs Gallears and Mrs Bosworth



Dippers, thank you all for an incredibly wonderful PARTY day. We all had so much fun! I was blown away by the hard work and creativity used to make your hats. Each and every single hat was unique and absolutely spectacular. Congratulations to our winner, who was picked by our independent judge! Congratulations to you all, you are all super stars. 🌟 Have a beautiful half term, rest well, and we will see you in a week!

Mrs Bosworth and Mrs Gallears


🎈Happy Birthday Dippers! 🎈

We had a whole school party to celebrate missed birthday parties during lockdown.

🥳 Party Fun and The Hat Parade 🎩

🎃Happy Halloween! 🎃

Our Halloween hat competition organised by SIPFA.

Our Dippers Winner!



We have had an excellent few weeks on our topic ‘Flight.’ Take a look below at our beautiful chalk pictures. We also made a whole class information book about Space! What do you think?


We are currently learning all about Tom Fletcher. We have read some of his books, and even written our own Monster Story. In maths we have been partitioning, and working on our number bonds to 10.

Thank you all for signing up for Class Dojo! You will find all the homework, and work to do if you are in isolation on there.

Mrs Bosworth and Mrs Gallears.



Well, what a busy first week we had, it was great to see all of you and get to know you!

We had great fun making out split pin birds and sketching dippers using different techniques with our pencils.

I would just like to say how proud Mrs Gallears and I are of each and everyone of you, you have learnt the new routines so well and have worked very hard.


Our next topic is Flight, we will be learning about the 4 countries in the UK, different ways of flying and the invention of the aeroplane.


As as you know our classrooms look a little bit different but they are still bright and colourful!


PLEASE NOTE – there will be no ‘Meet The Teacher’ meeting on 3rd September in accordance with COVID-19 guidance.  We apologise for any confusion.


Listen to a special message from your class teachers!

Mrs Bosworth:


Mrs Gallears:


Hello to all of the new Dippers!

I hope you have had an amazing summer and are looking forward to coming back to school in Year 1.  I’m sure some of you are feeling a little nervous about coming back to school but we are going to have lots of fun and learn lots of new things.

Things will be a little different when you come back, well you’ll be in a new class and have 2 new teachers to start with!  The desks will be laid out a bit differently to how you are used to but you will still be able to work in your groups, chat with your friends and have choosing time.  We will have to make sure we wash our hands regularly – I’m sure you’re all experts at that now!

The first week back we will be getting used to be back in school, reminding ourselves of the school rules and learning all about our class bird – the dipper.  You can find out lots of information about it here – https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/dipper/

Enjoy the last week of the holidays and we’ll see you very soon!

Mrs Bosworth and Mrs Gallears

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