Geography is taught through exciting topics that include rainforests, polar regions, pirates, our city and learning about different countries including Kenya and Australia. Geography is cross curricular, ensuring that it is taught through other subjects.


We aim to inspire childrens’ curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. The online resource Oddizzi is used in school and children can also access it at home using their unique log-in details. Oddizzi helps to deepen knowledge and develop understanding about diverse places and people as well as natural and  human environments.

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In 2018 our work in partnership with the Liverpool Confucius Institute allowed a teacher to visit China to find out more about the culture and education system. Following this, children in Reception classes were taught about the country and produced some Chinese art work.

Links have been made with a school in Malaysia. We compare and contrast what life is like there compared to Liverpool. The children enjoy looking at photographs and hearing about their school day.




Children have the opportunity to take Barnaby Bear away with them on holiday. They then share what Barnaby has been up to with their class. Barnaby has even been as far as Japan!







Children have visited the local area to look at the different buildings around our school. We looked at the different types of houses and if there are any buildings for other uses.