At Sudley Infant School, we strive to inspire curiosity in our children when they are learning about where they have come from and how past events and significant people from the past have helped to shape their future. Through the use of a wide variety of resources, the children will become engaged with events of the past and will begin to draw on similarities and differences between the past and present.


School trips and historical visitors bring our History topics to life and encourage the children to explore and develop an understanding of history. We link our history work with other curriculum subjects and study units to find out about famous people such as George Stephenson, Florence Nightingale and Jamie Garcia.


The Year Two classes had great fun making Victorian statues with local artist Ian Fennelly. They remembered lots of facts about the Victorians from learning about them in Year One.




The Year Two classes visited the World Museum in Liverpool to look at the Terracotta Army and did some lovely writing and drawing about what they had found out about them.