Lunchtime Teachers

Mrs S. Airey

My name is Mrs Airey, I have worked in Sudley Infant School for 23 years.

It is lovely seeing the children become more confident as the years pass.

I love being with the children and as they learn everyday so do I.


Mrs S. Booth

Hi my name is Mrs Booth and I work as a Lunchtime Assistant.

I love spending time with my three children and my hobbies include: swimming, cooking, and socialising with my friends.




Miss K Conteh

Hi my name is Miss Conteh and I work as a Lunchtime Assistant. Love, love, love to travel, culture not beach!  I’m crazy for ballroom dancing, love 50’s and soul music. I enjoy books on tape, helps me walk the dog every day.  My favourite food is Italian.  I am very creative and love DIY!




Mrs P. Devine

Hello! my name is Miss Devine, I am a lunch time assistant at school.  I really enjoy my job the children are a pleasure to work with.  I have 2 grandchildren, Thomas attends this school and his little sister Esmae will be attending this school next September.  I also work for Hallmark Cards which I also enjoy.  I’m always busy through the week.  I  enjoy my weekends off work, I like going for walks exploring the outside with my family, travelling to new places.  When at home I enjoy gardening, cooking, sewing and settling down of an evening watching a good movie.


Miss J. Hendrick

Hi! My name is Miss Hendrick and I work as a Lunchtime Assistant.  When I am not in work I love to bake for my family and go on long walks with our dog Harvey.




Mrs S Hewson

Hi,  my name is Mrs Hewson. I help look after the children at lunchtime. In my spare time I like to read about ancient history and astronomy. I also like to cook and go for walks.





Mrs C Hughes

Hello, my name is Mrs Hughes and I work as a Lunchtime Assistant.  In school I like to see children enjoying different types of delicious food and happily chatting to each other at the lunch table. On the playground I like to play games with them and have lots of fun. When I am not in school, I love to spend time with my two children. We enjoy going on fun days out and on lots of adventures. We also love to sing and dance together to different music.


Mrs G. Laven       

My name is Ms Laven, I am a member of the lunchtime staff team.

I enjoy spending time with my family and enjoy long walks with my fluffy dog Milo.

Say hello the next time you see me around school!