At our school we love music!  Music provides the children with a variety of transferable skills, such as listening, thinking in patterns and being creative. We aim to involve children in enjoyable musical activities in which they may participate as performers, listeners and composers, using a variety of styles to develop musical concepts. We use and adapt the Music Express scheme to support our teaching of music.


Our curriculum allows the children opportunities for lots of listening, and to then compose, improvise and perform as well. The curriculum is based around the dimensions of music: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate notation.

We do this both inside and outside music lessons. Our day starts off with music played throughout the school, as well as to bring us to assembly and sometimes even during lunch. Every music lesson gives the change to perform in a variety of ways and there is the opportunity to use tuned and untuned percussion. Year 2 have also had the opportunity to learn to play the recorder.

Children are given opportunities to write music and add percussion to stories before performing.

Our Christmas Shows showcase our singing and dancing, as well as other performances throughout the year.


There is a variety of after school clubs, such as singing, recorders and chime bars that the children can take part in.

Y2 Chime bars group