Returning to school in September 2020

Dear parents and carers,

We hope you and yours are safe, well and managing with the difficult times we find ourselves in. It seems very odd that we have not been with all the children these last few weeks. We know that some families have sailed through lockdown and others of you have struggled for various reasons, it’s been the same for the staff and governors too. However, the staff have been so delighted to receive such positive messages from so many of you which has been a real boost for everyone here.

School will reopen on Tuesday 1 September for all children in Year 1 and Year 2. As we start our new school year with a very different Autumn term, you will notice there are many changes in how we are operating as a school including staggered start and finish times.  We are following government guidance and putting in several controls to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

Please find full details in the documents below. These will also be emailed to you.

Letter to parents about September reopening 15 7 20

Entrances and exits map 2020

Home School Agreement COVID 2020-21

Dealing with anxiety about returning to school









The latest newsletter is also attached.


Transitioning back to school workbook from CAMHS

This is a parent and carer guide to supporting your child, yourself and your family with managing worry about going back to school.

ROAR returning to school booklet

During these usual times we will all be affected differently, don’t be too hard on yourself, you are doing the best you can in a really difficult and for many, worrying time.
We hope that this booklet gives you some hints and tips on managing your own thoughts and feelings, you will also find suggestions/links for activities/games which you can do with your family or alone if you prefer.  You can use this resource to begin to prepare your child for going back to school.
Most importantly, be kind to yourself and talk to people if you are struggling. Throughout the booklet there are QR code links for you to scan that will take you to services that are here to help. Or you can also visit


What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term

It is the government’s plan that all children and young people, in all year groups, will return to school and college full time from the beginning of the autumn term.

The prevalence of coronavirus (COVID-19) has decreased since schools and colleges restricted their opening to most pupils in March, the NHS Test and Trace system is up and running and we understand more about the measures that need to be in place to create safer environments in schools. As a result, the government has asked schools and colleges to plan for all children and young people to return from the start of the new academic year.

The guidance for parents and carers can be found here:


DFE leaflet for parents about returning to school


An open letter to all parents from Simon O’Brien, Liverpool City Region Cycling and Walking Commissioner

Dear parents and guardians,

As we thankfully emerge from the terrible Coronavirus pandemic I would like to personally ask you to help your school keep the children safe and socially distance by either doing the school run on foot or by bike. The areas outside school gates will be very difficult to manage and heavy traffic will make it even harder to keep our kids safe.

As we all know, one of the few positives that came from lockdown was the quiet streets on our doorsteps. We took to walking and cycling for our daily exercise or just to escape the inside of our homes and enjoy the clean air of our suddenly peaceful neighbourhoods. Walking or riding about while spending time with our children has been a joy but we are all desperate to get their education fired up again. Before that happens now is the time to find an alternative way, other than driving, to your school. Through the park, down the quiet back roads or along the local high street. Work out how long it takes to do the drop off and pick up without the car. Why not go the whole hog and carry on your commute by bike? You may be surprised at how easy and quick it is when you factor in rush hour traffic, not to mention the health benefits of being active.

If this is simply not possible then please, please, add ten minutes to the journey and park 200 metres from school, just a 5 minute walk each way to and from the car. This will mean everyone can safely socially distance in the streets as the children are dropped off and collected.

I have made a short video outside my daughter’s primary school to highlight the issues which can be viewed here

Let’s keep something good going as normality thankfully returns. Let’s make the new normal better with clean air outside our school gates whilst helping our schools to keep our children socially distanced and safe.

Thank you


Open letter to all parents from Simon O’Brien, Liverpool City Region Cycling and Walking Commissioner



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