The aims of PE at Sudley Infant School are:

  • To develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • To be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • To engage in competitive sports and activities
  • To lead healthy and active lives.



Dance is taught as part of the curriculum across the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  Children are taught;

  • To copy simple movement patterns
  • To change levels, speed and direction
  • To improvise freely on their own and with a partner
  • To respond imaginatively to a range of stimuli

We have a specialist Dance Teacher who delivers a Dance programme across all year groups.  The children develop fundamental movement skills through a range of dance styles.  This helps to improve confidence to perform a range of movement patterns. Some of these dances are performed during our Christmas performances and end of year celebrations.



Gymnastics is taught as part of the curriculum across the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Children are taught;

  • To negotiate space safely
  • To balance on a range of body parts
  • To travel along apparatus using a range of movements
  • To change direction with speed and control

We have a specialist Gymnastics Teacher who delivers a Gymnastics programme across all year groups.  The children develop fundamental movement skills and access a range of opportunities to extend their agility, balance and coordination, individually and with others.



Games is taught as part of the curriculum across the Foundation Stage and Key stage 1. Children are taught;

  • To run in different directions and at different speeds
  • To demonstrate accuracy in a range of jumping actions
  • To accurately throw a ball at a target
  • To control and catch a ball with movement
  • To accurately kick a ball at a target
  • To move with good control and co-ordination
  • To follow rules in a game activity
  • To demonstrate simple defending skills
  • To demonstrate simple attacking skills

We have a specialist basketball coach from Mersey Mavericks who delivers basketball skills across all year groups.  The children work on developing fundamental movement skills through a range of games and activities.


Additional activities beyond the curriculum requirements

Adventurous activities

In Year 2 children have the opportunity to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities.

Climbing Hangar – Every year our Year 2 children go bouldering at The Climbing Hangar.  The Climbing Hangar is an Indoor Climbing Centre that has a bouldering wall low enough not to need ropes, this means everyone can climb at once and they can have the maximum amount of time using the wall.  Indoor Climbing is good for personal and social education, group work and self-esteem, whilst also working on agility, balance and coordination skills. We have a number of staff trained to support children during the trip. Many of the children have joined the local club on a Saturday or visited it again with their parents outside school time.


Canoeing  – During the Summer Term our Year 2 children go canoeing at Liverpool Water Sports Centre .  This is one of the most enjoyed trips.  The children experience using paddles in the rafted canoes. This is a sport many of the children have not experienced before.  It helps to develop team building, self-esteem, confidence, whilst also working on agility, balance and coordination skills.




In addition to the PE curriculum we access swimming sessions through the Liverpool School Swimming Programme at Liverpool Aquatics Centre.   Our Year 2 children take part in a scheme of Swimming lessons for approximately 7 weeks.  During the lessons the children work on developing confidence in the water, develop skills using a range of strokes and knowledge and understanding of water safety.



We hold many competitions over the year including;

  • Reception Multi-Skills Morning
  • Year 1 Gymnastics Competition
  • Year 2 Swimming Gala
  • Year 2 Inter School Olympic Sports Event
  • Whole School Sports Fun Day


Extra Curricular Clubs

We have a range of sports clubs on offer throughout the year both before and after school.  Some of these are paid clubs that are provided from outside agencies and some are free that are led by members of staff.  These include athletics, judo, netball, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, squash, football and yoga.




On the playground at lunchtime we have opportunities for children to engage in structured play activities.  We have trained Year 2 Play Leaders who deliver games for other children and also a member of staff who delivers other activities such as golf, parachute and team building activities on a specific day.



Assessment in PE is ongoing through outcomes of tasks and teachers observing the children during the lesson.  Planning shows clear expected learning outcomes for each activity, this supports staff in making assessment judgements at the end of each term.