Finches – Year 2

Welcome to Finches!

We are a Year 2 class

Our class teachers are Miss Smith and Mrs Leonard

Our learning support assistant is Mrs Sharp


Welcome to Finches class page, we will be updating this page weekly to show you all the lovely things we do in Finches.

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Parent information for the new routine in year 2, including changes relating to Covid-19 are at the bottom of the page.

Year 2 topic calendar 2020-21

End of Week Newsletters

1.Year 2 Newsletter 7.9.2020

2. Year 2 Newsletter 14.9.2020

3.Year 2 Newsletter  21. 9 2020

4.Year 2 Newsletter  28. 9 2020

5.Year 2 Newsletter wc 5.10 20

6.Year 2 Newsletter wc 12.10 20

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9. Year 2 Newsletter wc 9.11.20

10. Year 2 Newsletter wc 16.11.20

11. Year 2 Newsletter wc 23.11.20

12. Year 2 Newsletter wc 30.11.20



Wc 23.11.20

Hello Finches!

Well done for all of your hard work again this week!

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London, creating beautiful art work using water colours, singing in two groups as a round and focusing on verbs and nouns in our literacy lessons.

There are also so many excited children in our class for Elf Day on Monday, we have lots of fun things planned! As you know you can wear your own clothes on Monday. If you do not have an Elf costume please don’t worry!
You can wear any red or green clothes you may have at home. Alternatively you can wear your red PE kits for the day!

Costumes for the Christmas show need to be in as soon as possible. Tuesday is the deadline.
We are unable to practise any dress rehearsals without costumes so if you could, please remember to bring these in on Monday or Tuesday.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and see all you little Elves on Monday!



Wc 16.11.20

Hello Finches!

Well done for all of your hard work this week. We have been so impressed with the amount of children who have already memorised their lines for the Christmas show.
Also a huge well done to the dancers, singers and chime players who have worked hard with their music.


Elf School Day Monday 30th November

We will be having a special Elf School Day to start off the Christmas celebrations. Children can come into school wearing elf costumes or any red and green clothes. alternatively they can wear their red PE kits for the day. Healthy snacks can also be sent in.







New Topic next week – Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire! Topic cover sheet








Wc 9.11.20


Hello Finches!

Well done to all of you for your fantastic efforts in our beat the goal keeper competition today, it was so much fun! Mr Francis might have a few bruises after all of those fantastic penalties you took. We have raised £554 for Children in Need so far.

Thank you for all the £1’s you brought into school which contributed to the total.

Also a huge thank you to the amazingly kind children in Finches who wanted to bring more than £1 in to school for Children in need. This was very thoughtful and generous we are extremely proud of you!

This week you have all been given a maths worksheet to complete for homework. Remember, please do not bring the sheet back to school. Upload a picture of your worksheet like I showed you today onto your dojo profiles.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all Monday.



Notifications for this week:
Monday – on Monday there will be individual photos being taken of the children. Unfortunately due to the current situation, there will not be sibling photos taken.

Wednesday – on Wednesday at 11am we will be holding a 2 minute silence for Remembrance Day. This will be carried out in class where the children will be able to watch a child friendly video.

Friday – on Friday we will be holding a beat the goal keeper competition to help raise money for Children in Need.
The children are able to attend school in their football kits or their active wear if they do not have kits but must bring £1 to school. Alternatively they can wear their PE kits.

This week is ‘Walk to School Week’, when we encourage as many people as possible to walk to and from school or park a little further away than usual and walk the last part of the journey. Please see letter for more information.

Walk To School Letter Nov 2020



Wc 2.11.20

Hello Finches!

Well done for working so hard whilst isolating this week.

We have been looking at some fantastic hats in school and it has made it very difficult to choose a hat to win the hat competition.

You have all worked so hard on your hats and should be very proud!


There have also been some lovely fireworks lighting up the sky this week, have you seen some too?








Wc 26.10.20

Hello Finches!

You have all worked extremely hard this half term and we are very proud of you. You have shown persistence and have excellent attitudes towards school and work. We are so sorry you have had to miss party day and have to isolate over half term, but we look forward to you returning to school after half term to carry out our party hat competition.

Here are some pictures of the scarecrow festival that has been taking place in St Helens this week. You can see more of them if you click on this link:

Which one is your favourite?

















Wc 19.10.20

Hello Fabulous Finches!

You have all worked extremely hard this half term and we are very proud of you. We are so sorry you had to miss your last day of term, you have shown resilience, persistence and have excellent attitudes towards school and work. We look forward to you returning to school after half term to carry out our party hat competition.
Keep practicing your phonics and reading and we hope you have a lovely half term!


New Topic after half term

Yr2 Our City topic overview. docx






Parent Consultation Meeting Finches & Herons


Wc 5.10.20

Hello Finches!

Well done everyone for completing your homework!

You have took to using Class Dojo really well and we have had a brilliant response. Look on Dojo again for this weeks homework.

Please remember if you do not submit your homework by the allocated deadline date, you will not be able to submit it. You are given 10 days to be able to complete your work. The next piece of homework is about food chains, there is a timer on this task but if it runs out please don’t worry just try your best.








New Topic Alert : Inventors and Inventions

Here is an overview of our new topic “Inventors and Inventions”. You can see some of the things we will be learning.

Topic Cover sheet- Inventors and Inventions









Wc 28.9.20

This week we have been looking at properties of shapes in Maths, speech marks in English, how trains have impacted our lives in History and created our own codes in Computers. We have also been looking at how to log onto our Class Dojo. We created a post together so that when we go home we can look for it on our class page.


Class Dojo

Please use this link to add yourself to our class.

Once the parent account has been set up you can link your child to your account.




Wc 21.9.20

This week we have been celebrating Roald Dahls birthday!!


We spent time looking at the different books he wrote and we held a creative writing competition in school with a book prize for the most imaginative entry!

Well done to our winner who created a very descriptive piece of writing about a smelly, slimy worm with no friends… until one day, he met a kind black bird! It was fantastic reading the children’s stories, they all worked so hard!




Wc 14.9.20

This week we have been learning all about lots of different things. In Geography we looked at the 7 continents of the world, in Science we looked at minibeasts and their habitats and in History we learned about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and what a fantastic engineer he was.


Here is the video we watched in class for you to enjoy at home.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806 – 1859). Employed by the Great Western Railway as an engineer he was responsible for the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Saltash Bridge over the Tamar. He also designed the Atlantic steamships, the ‘Great Britain’ and the ‘Great Eastern’ in the front of whose chains he is sitting.


We have also been learning about coding and algorithms in our computing lessons this week. There are “to do” challenges on Purple Mash to help consolidate the learning with this that we can do at home.





New Topic: Over and Under Ground

Here is an overview of our new topic “Over and Under Ground”. You can see some of the things we will be learning.

Year 2 Under & Over Ground topic cover sheet









Wc 7.9.20

Well done to all of the children who have been in school this week, it has been very different to normal and they have all started to settle into the new routine very well and have adapted to changed brilliantly.

This week we have been assessing the children’s reading levels and have started to send reading books home. We have been so pleased with the progress the children have made even after having 6 months away from school! They have done so well and we hope they keep up the good work.

Moving forward, the children will now have 5-6 books allocated to them on Bug Club to run along side the reading book they will take home and bring in each day. Please ensure they log onto Bug Club and read these.

We will be challenging the children with more difficult books so please work with us to help them to develop their reading skills. Learning to read is one of the most important skills children can learn. When reading with the children, it is important to keep in mind the five essential components of reading that every child needs in order to grow into a confident and fluent reader, these are:

  1. Phonics
  2. Phonemic Awareness
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Fluency
  5. Reading Comprehension

These are the skills we work on with the children in school and what you can also work on at home.



New Topic : Marvellous Mistakes

Here is an overview of our new topic “Marvellous Mistakes”. You can see some of the things we will be learning.

Marvellous Mistakes Topic Sheet







One of the main significant people we have been learning about during this topic is Alexander Fleming and we talked about what he discovered. Here is the video we watched in school to help us.



Our Classroom

As you know, we had to make a few changes to how our classrooms look to ensure we remain as safe as possible.

Here is our new classroom 😁










Wc: 1.9.20

During our first week back at school, we have been exploring our new class bird – The Finch. Finches are small birds with forked or notched tails, moderately pointed wings, rounded or elongated bodies and round heads, with more or less triangular bills. There are many different kinds of Finches.

We like the Strawberry Finch, What is your favorite?









Here is a website that gives you some information on a few of them



Useful Websites 

Bug Club: All children have been allocated books on bug club to read. Their individual log in details will be placed in the front of their reading record books.
Purple Mash: Children will have their personal log in details put into their reading record book for purple mash. The children all know how to navigate purple mash and there are lots of learning resources available. We encourage children to practice logging on and off Purple Mash independently. They should all know their log in details from memory by now.
Oddizzi: Oddizzi is an e-learning resource and community that immerses children in the real world. There are lots of geography resources available for the children to access at home. Their log in details are in the front of their reading record books.


Here is a list of phonics websites that may be useful for you to use at home to work on alongside their reading books. Phonics is just one skill involved in reading but makes a huge difference if there are sounds the children do not recognize.



September ready!

Listen to a special message from your class teachers.




Some information for parents:

Due to the current situation, there will be a lot of changes in September as well as the change in year group.


Drop off and Collection:

Please do not drop off or pick up your child/children if you have any symptoms of Covid-19. If you are unsure please refer to our parent/carer guide or telephone the Parent line on 728-9639.

There can now only be one parent or carer to accompany your child/children to and from school site.

There will be staggered drop off between 8:40 – 8:50 am. Please check the following times to ensure you are aware of what time your child needs dropping off and picking up. We are trying to keep the children as socially distant as possible so please ensure you stick to the times.

                                     Start of day                     End of day

Surnames A-G                  8.40am                             3.05pm

Surnames H-N                  8.45am                             3.10pm

Surnames O-Z                  8.50am                             3.15pm

Finches will be entering and exiting through the year 2 door, please check the school map if you are unsure as to where this is. Staff will be able to direct children to the correct classroom if they are unsure where to go.





















For parents or carers who have children in different year groups, you should drop/collect the youngest first. Unfortunately we are unable to send children to other classes or doors at home time. We appreciate that this is a challenge for childminders and understand that there will need to be a degree of flexibility around collection times for these children.

If you have an issue and need to speak to us (Miss Smith/ Mrs Leonard), please telephone school as all staff are trying to keep face-to-face enquiries to a minimum. Staff will be available as usual to take messages from parents of a morning as normal but will be maintaining social distancing guidance.


Lunchtime Arrangements

Arrangements have been made to minimise the risk of infection to children and staff during lunchtimes.

You can choose to send a packed lunch with your child or to request a school meal (all children are entitled to free school meals). The menu for autumn term is in the Parents section of the website. Each year group will have dedicated time-slot to access the hall for lunch, one class at a time served. Children in Years 1 & 2 will collect their ordered lunch and return to their classroom to eat it. They will sit in their allocated seat. Children in Years 1 and 2 will eat in their classroom. Children in EYFS will eat in class groups in the school hall.

All packed lunches must be in a sealable lunch box. Please do not send packed lunches in carrier bags.Lunch boxes must be clearly labelled with child’s name and class. Packed lunch boxes will be stored in dedicated area for each class. Children will collect their packed lunch box when it is time to eat. Please be advised that staff will be unable to assist with opening items/removing wrapping etc. so all food must be easily accessed by child. All uneaten items/empty wrappers will be returned to the box for disposal at home

Children will also spend time outdoors during the lunch period (weather permitting) in their year group bubble.



Children will need to remember to bring in their PE kits as we will need them in the first week. It is important to have an indoor and outdoor PE kit available to use as we will be trying to ensure PE is completed outdoors as  much as possible in wide open spaces.

Finches PE days are Thursday, Friday and Monday. Children will be going home on a Thursday in their PE kits. They will need to bring their kits back in Friday morning for their lesson on Friday. PE kits will then remain in school over the weekend ready for their lesson on Monday.

Please ensure their name is on all of their belongings
They will need to bring their reading books in every day in their book bags (must be school book bags). Due to the unusual situation please bare with us while we assess the children’s reading levels. We will start to send books home as soon as we can.

Children also need a clear water bottle with a sports cap type lid (other types of bottles cannot be used). Bottles should be filled with water at home each day and be clearly marked with your child’s name. We will be unable to return any bottles without names.

If you want your child to have a snack, please ensure this is a healthy snack in a disposable bag with your child’s name clearly marked. DO NOT send sweets, chocolate or nuts into school as children will not be allowed to eat them and will be returned home.

Please do not send any hand sanitiser or hand moisturising cream as these are provided throughout school.