Linnets – Year 2

Welcome to Linnets class page

We are a Year 2 class

Our class teacher is Miss Poole.

Our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Haskell and Miss Riding.

Year 2 topics 2020/2021


The children will be completing dictionary work over the next couple of weeks, you can access this online one for free by following this link  if you do not have one at home to use.

Using X box or PlayStation to access remote learning

If you are having problems accessing online/ remote learning and have an X box or PlayStation you can click on the link below. This will help you get online and help you access the remote learning set by school if you do not have a suitable device such as tablet or laptop.

Remote Learning via PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

A Magical Christmas by Linnets                                                                                                       


Please find your link to the class performance of ‘A Magical Christmas’.

The password will be sent out in a separate email and also via message on ClassDojo.

Please remember that images and videos of the performance should not be shared on social media or anywhere else online.

We hope that you enjoy watching the show together as a family.

Merry Christmas!





Please use this link to add yourself to our class.

Once the parent account has been set up you can link your child to your account.


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3rd January 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Linnets!
We had so much fun on our party day; from party games, crafts, watching a pantomime and party food galore!
I hope you have had a lovely break and had lots of fun with your family’s. I cannot wait to hear about all the lovely things you have been doing.

See you tomorrow,

Miss Poole

22nd November 2020

Hello the Lovely Linnets,

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. I have been very busy this weekend and taken my dog Teddy out for lots of walks. We went for a walk by Sefton Park and when we were there it rained. He had lots of fun running in the puddles and the mud! He got very muddy so we had to bath Teddy as soon as we got him home. Do you like playing in the puddles or splashing in them? I do but only if I have my wellies on! I cannot wait to hear what you have all been doing this weekend.

This week is the start of our new topic ‘Fire, Fire!’ We will be learning lots of new things about The Great Fire of London and the lasting impact it had. If you have any special books on this topic or anything you would like to share, send this on Class Dojo in your portfolio then we can all look at it in class safely.

I am very proud of all the hard work you have been doing this week in school and your homework that you have been sending to me on Class Dojo, you should be so proud! You are all such superstar’s. Well done!


  • Reading book and record to be brought in on Monday 

  • Return both indoor and outdoor PE kit on Monday

  • Practise Christmas Play parts at home

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Poole

15th November 2020

Hello the lovely Linnets,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I have been reading a new book and I even started putting up some Christmas decorations, it is a bit early but a few won’t hurt!

We had such a busy week learning lots of new things last week such as; Liverpool’s role in the triangular trade, nonsense poems, listening to the Beatles, learning which direction the River Mersey is and the city centre is using a compass and adding 2-digit numbers together. I have been so proud of you all for trying so hard on the maths homework that you have sent to me on Class Dojo. Well done!


  • Reading book and record to be brought in on Monday 

  • Return both indoor and outdoor PE kit on Monday

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Poole


9th November 2020

Good evening Linnets,

Just a quick reminder to say we are helping to raise money for Children in Need. Children in Need day in school will be on Friday 13th November. For just £1 children can come to school wearing sports clothes or a football kit. Children can also pay £1 to take part in Beat the Goalie. Thank you for your support!

See you tomorrow,

Miss Poole

6th November 2020

Hello Lovely Linnets,

We have had a very busy week after half-term learning lots of new things. We learnt about measuring, telling the time, the compass directions and the Magna Carta! The Magna Carta was the important medieval document King John signed to give everyone an equal chance and make sure the King or Queen in power looked after the country.

Please find this weeks homework on Purple Mash, it has been set as a 2Do. The task is called ‘Magna Carta-Quiz’.

We have also been making Poppies for our class wreath in celebration of Remembrance Day, we had lots of fun making these. You can still purchase Poppies in school for £1.

Well done for working so hard this week. Make sure to read over the weekend as well doing some mindfulness.


  • Reading book and record to be brought in on Monday 
  • Return both indoor and outdoor PE kit on Monday


See you all Monday!

Miss Poole

1st November 2020

Hello the Lovely Linnets,

You had all worked so hard in our first half term together and I am so proud of you all! We had such a lovely day on Friday 23rd October with our Class party doing lots of activities as well as doing a hat parade showing off all your creative designs.

I hope you have all had a relaxing week off and enjoyed some quality time with your family as well as finding time to do some reading and some mindfulness too. I cannot wait to hear about all the wonderful things you did in your week off on Monday.

Our new topic is called ‘Our City’ and we will be learning about all different things to do with Liverpool, the city that we live in.

I look forward to seeing you all Monday 2nd November!

Miss Poole


  • Reading book and record to be brought in on Monday 
  • Return both indoor and outdoor PE kit on Monday




21st October 2020


Hello the Lovely Linnets,

You have all been working so hard in school in all your work, I am so proud! You have been learning lots this week from writing a newspaper report, learning about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and how cars have developed and improved over time. We also designed cars for the future that could fly focusing on how they could be environmentally friendly. Lots of you already knew of some cars that use electricity instead of just petrol and understood that this is better for the planet. You have also been washing your hands and keeping safe in school, super work Linnets!

With all this exciting learning we have been doing, we are also looking forward to our Birthday/Autumn/Hallowe’en Celebration on Friday 23rd October. Remember to bring £1 if you design a hat in any of these styles. I cannot wait to see how creative you can be with your designs and sure we will have an amazing day on Friday.


  • Children will not be wearing their own clothes on Friday.
  • Children will bring home their PE kits to be washed over the half term. Please return this for the first Monday back as we have PE.
  • Reading books will be given out on Friday 23rd October.

Have a fabulous half term. I hope you have lots of fun, relax, read lots and keep safe!

Miss Poole


11th October 2020


Hello the Lovely Linnets,

I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend whether it be reading, going to the park or just relaxing. You had worked hard all week and been so sensible with washing your hands and keeping safe in school.

Well done for everyone now being on Class Dojo, make sure to check in on our page on there regularly too. Please note any important notices will always be put on the school website noticeboard.

This week we are learning more about Inventors and Inventions and focusing on the mobile phone and its change in technology over time. Ask you adult what their first mobile phone was like compared to the one they have now. I bet there is a big difference. When you come into school, come and tell me all about it!

Great work if you had a try at this week’s homework on Purple Mash, it is is available all week so have a try if you have not already. Also, well done to you all for logging into Bug Club and reading too.

Can you notice any changes in the trees on your way to school? Have the leaves changed colours? What are the colours? How many can you see? Are all the leaves on the trees? Are there leaves on the floor? Why is this? What is the season?

Lets have a fabulous week see you Monday!

Miss Poole


  • Please remember to bring back both your indoor and outdoor PE kit to school each Monday as we have PE. Thanks!

2nd October 2020

Hello the Lovely Linnets,

What a fantastic week we have had!  We have been so busy learning about lots of new things such as; how to use inverted commas in English and learnt how to write a formal letter, we also learnt properties of 2D shapes and lines of symmetry in Maths and we have done lots of reading independently as well as with our teacher. We also have been doing our mindfulness each day and enjoy doing it to help us focus and feel calm. Try some at home if you would like.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend relaxing and having fun.

See you Monday!

Miss Poole


Return both your outdoor and indoor kits back in to school for Monday as we have PE then please.

If you have not already, please link yourself to Class Dojo as a parent account so then once you have done that your child can then link to your account and view our Class page.




2nd October 2020

Hello Lovely Linnets,
There are some new 2Dos on Purple Mash linking to our current work in school available for you to complete.
This weeks homework tasks are called; Tim Berners-Lee Profile, Oceans and Animals needs.
Follow this link to log into Purple Mash
Miss Poole

24th September 2020

Hey the lovely Linnets,

We have been busy bees learning so much this week! We have been writing postcard’s in English, reading lots and learning how to partition in Maths. We also have been learning about the different climates around the world as well as Human and Physical features in different locations on each continent in Geography.

On Purple Mash there are some activities you can complete. Also check Bug Club as you have books to read too. If you enjoy doing our mindfulness in school you could look at and have a try at some Yoga at home. I enjoy doing yoga and find it very calming. I often will do it in the evening and it makes me sleep better! See if you can try have a go at the weekend.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend and keep safe with your friends and family. See you Monday!

Miss Poole




17th September 2020

Hey the lovely Linnets,

We have had such an amazing week again. The sunshine has meant we have been able to go outside lots again for our lessons and we even got to go on a mini-beast hunt for science! We have learnt lots of new things like the seven continents of the world in Geography.

In history we have been learning all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and what a fantastic engineer he was. Here is the video we watched in class for you to enjoy at home.

You have all been working so hard and keeping safe in school, I am so proud!

Next week, our topic is the still ‘Over and Underground’. Please make sure to bring your PE kit back in for Monday and have all your clothes labelled. You will come home in you PE kit every Thursday. Remember to check in on your Purple Mash 2Dos as well as Bug Club and complete the activities when possible. You also have your reading book to read too.

Have a nice weekend and keep safe!

Miss Poole


11th September 2020

Hi again!

What an amazing week we have had this week. We all have learnt so much and been so busy. We also managed to do lots of PE outside when it was sunny too. You all have been super sensible and keeping safe in school, well done!

Next week our topic is ‘Over and underground’. Bug club and Purple Mash is updated regularly so you can check your 2Dos and complete the activities when possible. The log in details to both Bug club and Purple Mash are in your child’s reading record book.

Have a nice weekend Linnets and keep safe!

Miss Poole




Hi Linnets,

Here is a picture of our year two classroom. We will be learning lots of exciting new things in here this year. Our next topic is Over and underground.

Miss Poole


Listen to a message from your class teacher.

Hello Lovely Linnets,


I hope you have had an amazing summer and I cannot wait to hear of all the lovely things you have been doing.

School starts on Tuesday 1st September 2020. I hope you are excited for year 2, I am!

Our first topic is learning about our class bird, The Common Linnet. Try find out some facts about Linnets and we can share these with the class together in the first week back. We are going to have a super year together in year 2 and I cannot wait to see you all.


  • School drop off and pick up times are now staggered to ensure the safety of all children.

  • Your child will have reading books allocated on Bug Club for you to read at home Monday to Thursday and will read regularly in school time.

  • All of your child’s belongings should have their name on, this includes PE kits, book bags, coats and water bottles.

Miss Poole x