Nightingales – Year 1

Welcome to Nightingales

Nightingale song - The British Library

We are a Year 1 class.

Our class teachers are Mrs Oasgood and Mrs Mylett.

Y1 topics 2020-21

Our current topic is: Adrift

This is what we will be learning about this half term: Year 1 Summer 2

Current newsletter: 30. Year 1 Newsletter 12.7.21

PE is on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.



As we come to the end of our last day of remote learning we want to say proud we are of the children, and thank you to everyone who has helped with their learning. We are looking forward to Monday and seeing everyone together again! Mrs Mylett and I are excited to show you our book corner, it is lovely and cosy for when you want to pick up a book.

Please see the website here for more information about reopening.

We will see you Monday!

Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.

Using X box or PlayStation to access remote learning

If you are having problems accessing online/ remote learning and have an X box or PlayStation you can click on the link below. This will help you get online and help you access the remote learning set by school if you do not have a suitable device such as tablet or laptop.

Remote Learning via PlayStation 4 or Xbox One




Please use this link to add yourself to our class.

Once the parent account has been set up you can link your child to your account.



A Magical Christmas by Nightingales


Please find your link to the class performance of ‘A Magical Christmas’.

The password will be sent out in a separate email and also via message on ClassDojo.

Please remember that images and videos of the performance should not be shared on social media or anywhere else online.

We hope that you enjoy watching the show together as a family.

Merry Christmas!




It has been a wild festive few weeks in Nightingales. We have had a reindeer visit, Father Christmas has been TWICE (probably because we have been so good – if you don’t believe me then look at the flag!), a party, a panto and performed our Christmas Show! As well as learning about Christmas around the world and the origin of the Christmas tree. It is time for a well deserved rest so that we are ready to get learning again in January. Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe.

Mrs Mylett, Miss Pastorelli and Mrs Oasgood.












Well it has been such a busy day at Elf School today! We visited our school sleigh and had a picture taken on the stage, we then had a biscuit and drink as an elf snack to give us some energy for the rest of the day. We have started making Christmas decorations and cards so we will be finishing them off in the coming weeks. The work of an elf is never done!






Good grief, what a busy week it has been! Photographs, Children in Need and starting our Christmas preparations! Before we say anything else we want to say how delighted we were with the children for their mature responses to our Armistice Day activities. We made our own wreath, we watched and discussed the Poppies film on CBBC and then we observed the two minute silence. Here is our wreath.

You have done a great job learning your Christmas Show lines, we were so impressed on Thursday that you knew them. You have only had them a few days! The next couple of weeks we will be practising in small groups and hoping to use the stage. For those of you who are learning the dance – I am busy practising it at home to teach you!

We also celebrated Children in Need. We joined in with Joe Wicks as he finished his 24 hour work out. The final Silly Billy move made sure that we all finished strong. Plus we had a go at Beat the Goalie with our very own VIP goalie – Mrs Gallears! Thank you to everyone for donating, we had a fun day whilst raising money.


We have also been exploring our school and talking about where to find items using positional language – near, far, left, right, under and over. We are great at giving directions!







Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.

Walk to School week information

Walk To School Letter Nov 2020


Just a little taste of our morning so far! Everyone looks wonderful in their hats and we are looking forward to our parade later on this morning.












We have finished our Tom Fletcher topic. We have written about our creatures that have got trapped in books, what wonderful ideas you have had! We have enjoyed reading them. In class we have started reading The Danger Gang which is a bit longer.

This week we have also heard the story of Anansi and Turtle. We made our own puppets and then retold the story. The pictures are my view as I got the story retold to me! Next week we will hear some more Anansi stories. Can you find out where the stories came from?







Homework this week is to start work for our new topic, Weather. Look at your 2Dos on Purple Mash and write a weather report for a day over the weekend using the Mash Cam. Or you can draw a picture of the weather for a day over the weekend and a write a weather report. Ask your grown up send a photo of it to your teacher on Class Dojo. As always, if you want your design to go on the class noticeboard on Purple Mash then leave a “Display me” message when you hand it in.

Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.


We have now finished our Flight topic. Have a look at what we are learning next at the top of the page. I gave you a little clue yesterday when I talked about the different creatures that might be in our books…

We have practised logging in to Purple Mash again. We have nearly all done it on our own, superstars! We then drew a sea creature or a mermaid’s tail and saved it. We carried on with our computing activities when the whole class helped Mrs Oasgood to write her first story on ClassDojo, thank you, Nightingales! If you still have not signed up then the link for our class is at the top of this page.

This week’s homework is on Purple Mash. Go to your 2Do tab and complete the 2Paint activity. Ca you design a rocket? Add as much detail as possible to make it look interesting. Is your rocket in space? Is it about to set off? What would I see if I was to look out of the window of your rocket? If you want your design to go on the class noticeboard on Purple Mash then leave a “Display me” message when you hand it in.

Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.


Another busy week learning about Flight! We have been putting everything we know into chronological order so next week we can make a timeline. We learned about how difficult it was just to get into space and flies were sent first to make sure it was safe! We also discussed why Neil Armstrong said “The Eagle has landed” when he stepped out onto the moon. Everyone has now got two new space books on Bug Club a fiction and a non-fiction book. We will be reading Going Into Space this week and using it to write our own fact book about space. Remember there is an option to have the book read to you as well!

There has been quite a marked different in the weather this week. I think it is finally time to wave goodbye to my sandals as there has been a chill in the air. We had a walk around the playground to observe the changes we could see in the trees and we talked about deciduous and evergreen trees. This week we will be recording rain levels and weather, ready to compare with what we observe later on in Year 1. As it is getting colder remember you will need to be fastening your own coats.

Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.


We have been continuing our Flight topic this week. We found out about Amy Johnson, a British record breaking aviator. She was famous for being the first woman to fly solo from London to Darwin, it took her 19 days! We thought of what kind of questions we could ask her. Was she scared being on her own? What did she eat and drink? When did she rest?

We have also logged onto Purple Mash so that we could change our avatar. Make sure that you practise logging on at home, as this means you will have longer to complete your work in class. And you can practise the activities at home as well!







From Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.


We have started our Flight topic this week. We have been learning about the Wright Brothers and the very first flight, which was only 12 seconds long! We then went further back in time and talked about hot air balloons and the Montgolfier brothers. We designed our own balloons and used a repeating pattern.




Next week we will be be designing our own flying object. Think about the different materials that would make a good flier – do you think Lego would be a good idea?

From Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.

Listen to a special message from your class teachers.




What a first week! It has flown by. We have been really busy. We read a book called The Big Carrot and talked about what makes a good sentence. You all remembered from Reception that it starts with a capital letter, ends with a full stop and there are finger spaces between each word. Next week we are going to see if we can write our own sentences. We have also had time to play in our bubble and see some of the great activities in our class.

Have a good rest ready for next week. Our new topic is going to be Flight so see if you can find out some facts about flying.












And a quick look at our classroom! It has been a bit different sitting in a row but we have done really well and got used it quickly.

See you next week! Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.

We hope you have had a wonderful summer and we are looking forward to seeing you when school starts on the 1st of September.

Things will be a little bit different. You are in a new classroom! The desks are laid out differently but we will still be working in small groups, having time to chat with our friends and have time to choose. We will also be making sure we wash our hands regularly and properly, although I am sure you are all wonderful at that now!

In our first week we will be learning about our new class bird, the nightingale. You can find out more information here and here. My favourite fact is that they are great singers! The picture I have used at the top is one of my favourites as you can tell he is in full song.

This last week will whizz by so make sure that you enjoy yourselves and we will see you very soon.

Mrs Mylett and Mrs Oasgood.

Information for parents and carers

School will reopen on Tuesday 1 September for all children in Year 1 and Year 2. As we start our new school year with a very different Autumn term, you will notice there are many changes in how we are operating as a school including staggered start and finish times.  We are following government guidance and putting in several controls to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19. This page and this page have more information on how the day will run, including a staggered starting and finishing time, as well as tips for dealing with anxiety about coming back to school.


Book bags should be sent into school each day.  Your child will also have reading books allocated on Bug Club for you to read at home.

All belongings should have children’s names on, this includes PE kits, book bags, coats and water bottles.

PE is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Useful Websites 

Bug Club   All children have been allocated books on bug club to read. Reading books will be collected in at the start of term if children still have them and there are plenty of books available on the children’s accounts on Bug Club that they can read until new ones are given out. Their individual log in details are in the front of their reading record books.

Purple Mash   Children all have their personal log in details in their reading record book for purple mash. The children all know how to navigate purple mash and there are lots of learning resources available.

Oddizzi   Oddizzi is an e-learning resource and community that immerses children in the real world. There are lots of geography resources available for the children to access at home. Their log in details are in their reading record books.

Here is a list of phonics websites that may be useful for you to use at home.