Owls – Year 2


Welcome to Owls
We are a Year 2 class
Our class teacher is

Miss Muchmore



2 July 2020

Hello Awesome Owls!

We are all really missing you in school but before you before you move on to the Junior school we would like to invite you to come into school on Monday 20th July.

We would like to see you all together to say  goodbye  but unfortunately we can’t have the whole class in at one time so we have allocated you a time when you can come in to see us.

Please look for your name and time slot.


9.00-9.30Jack, Dylan, Joseph, Oliver, Bridie, Grace

9.45-10.15-Felix, Aiden, Isaac, Macie, Harlow,Laila,

10.30-11.00- India, Freya, Alicia, Zuhr, Tolu, Kholoud

11.15-11.45 Kurtis, Jacob, Finley, Cohen, Alfred

12-.00-12.30Lily, Ava, Keir, Isla, Annabelle, Holly, Ella


You can come to school in your own clothes. We ask parents to drop children off on the playground then come and collect them promptly at the end of the session.

Best wishes

Miss Muchmore

2 July 2020


Hello Awesome Owls

Hope you are all keeping well and working and playing hard.  Did you all like the message I recorded for you?  I have got to say I am really missing you all but do hope to see you all soon.

It is a shame the weather has turned again, it seems much nicer when the sun is shining.

Don’t forget to keep working on the home learning tasks and  if you haven’t done so already try to get your weaving completed so it can be sent in to school.

A very big well done this week to Macie who has been completing lots and lots of work on Purple mash.

Take care owls xxx

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28 June 2020

Click below for a special surprise from your teacher!


Hello Owls

Just a reminder for you and your parents to take part in our year group memories. Parents were sent an email last week to ask for permission to use children’s photos and also for the children to record a short message that we can put together and share with the rest of Year 2 families. The closing date is Friday 26th June so please get recording those clips. We are really looking forward to seeing them and hearing about your memories at Sudley Infant School



Good Morning to all the Awesome Owls

I hope you and your families are all keeping well

Hopefully your parents received an email last week to let you know that we are hoping to make a video clip of all the year 2 children which we will send to you. How exciting !! We are asking  children to draw a picture of something they enjoyed whilst being at Sudley Infants and then make a short video clip to tell us about your picture or memory. These can then be sent to the email address that was sent to parents. Please remind grown ups that we will need their permission for us to share your video and photograph with the families of year 2 children. I think this is a lovely idea and a way for you to keep a memory of being at Sudley Infants!!

Well done to all those children completing the tasks on Purple mash there are some interesting activities to do so try and have a go.

Over the past few weeks, Alicia, Ava and Isaac have worked hard and completed tasks. This week, Macie and Jack have been very busy – Well Done. 

A big well done to those children who are reading the books allocated on Bug Club, I can allocate books from home so please feel free to read and read and read. 

 Hope you all have a lovely week end and I look forward to seeing your videos.

Stay Safe xxx

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Good Morning Awesome Owls

I hope you and your families are all keeping well.

It’s lovely to see some of you completing the Purple Mash tasks and your comments show you are enjoying working on them.  Hope you are also  busy weaving to help create our whole school Sails artwork project, I think it will look fantastic with all the different woven pieces added together. I might even add one myself!

I have been doing some work for school and walking my dog.  I was really pleased to be able to visit my Mum and Dad last weekend – my dad set up a shelter so that we could sit in the garden – even though it was raining. I have heard that the sun is returning soon.

Keep working hard and I am sure you are all helping at home and being really well behaved for your grown ups.

Take Care and don’t forget sun safety when the weather becomes brighter again.

Image result for summer owl



Exciting news !!!

Whole school sails art project

During these challenging and unprecedented times we are so proud of how our Sudley community have come together to support each other in many different ways. To our parents who have been brilliant home educators, our children who uplift us all with your beautiful bright rainbows in windows and especially to our key workers – we thank, clap for and celebrate you all.

To mark this time in our lives we have decided to create a whole school art project to reflect and remember our solidarity, based around the idea of ‘Sailing Through Together’.

For more details please look on the tab on the home learning page or download the sails artwork project information sheet here.



Hi Awesome Owls,

Just a quick note to say hi to you all.  Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine.

Homework next week involves a science investigation, hope you enjoy it.  I will keep an eye out as I go for my daily walk to see any investigations hanging in windows. Don’t forget to write some notes about what you find out. I look forward to hearing all about it.

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Good Morning to all the Awesome Owls,

Can I say thank you and well done to those of you who have been completing the activities on purple mash, I do enjoy looking at the tasks you have completed. I have shared some of your work to the display board, don’t forget if you want your work displayed then type ‘post me’ in the comments box and then it will be shared with our class. Also well done to all those owls who have been completing the maths tasks on abacus and reading books on Bug Club. I keep checking to make sure you don’t run out of books so feel free to read as many as you like.

I’m sure you are all having a lovely time and keeping busy with your families and I look forward to hearing about the exciting things you have been doing.

Eid Mubarak to all our friends celebrating Eid today, hope you have special times and enjoy your celebrations.

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I’m back again Owls, I am having a busy day – please read the information below.

Whilst you have been learning at home we have seen lots of lovely work in purple mash. We think it would be fun if you could all see each other’s work so you could have it posted on our class display boards. Any work you would like posted needs to be saved and handed in. If you want a piece of work posting then please type ‘post me’ in the comments to teacher box when you save and hand in your work. We are not able to put photos of children on the display board ‘

Looking forward to seeing your work.


Hello Awesome Owls

Just a quick update to say hello to you all and I hope you are all keeping well.

What a beautiful sunny day it has been today!  I went for a walk earlier and like most of you I have the pleasure to live close to Sefton Park.  The park is looking bright and colorful and the walk really cheered me up, best of all it gave me a bit of exercise.

If you do get chance to visit the park on one of your walks have a look at the lake, today I saw two geese and they had ten baby goslings swimming along behind them.  It made me smile because it reminded me of when I take you to the hall for assembly.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and having fun times with your families.

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I would love to see an Owlet on one of my walks, that would really make my day.

For now take care and I will be in touch soon.




Hi Awesome Owls,

Hope you are all keeping well. It has been lovely to see the tasks you have completed on Purple Mash and I hope you are enjoying the other activities we have set for you.

I want to tell you about my poor little dog. I took her for a walk yesterday and she was happily walking along the path, all of a sudden she stopped and lifted her back leg in the air. When I looked around crawling along next to her was the biggest bumble bee. It must have stung her as she stepped on it.  I had to carry her back home and bathed it with some baking powder and warm water.  I also gave her some special pain killer medicine that I got from the vet when she wasn’t well. You will be glad to know she seems much better today.

Anyway hope you are all keeping well, I am missing you all and also missing being in school.

Take care you wonderful lot, I might try to make one of these this week.

Hi again to all the Awesome Owls


How are you all?

I hope you all enjoyed the VE Day celebrations , it was so special to see  the stories on television of the way life was 75 years ago.  I thought the Red Devils air display was fantastic.

I haven’t baked any cakes this week but I have been busy in the garden, my garden pots are looking really good.

Hope you are all keeping busy and being Awesome Owls for  the grown ups at home, I’m sure you are being fantastic as you always are.

Take care and have a super week.


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Good Afternoon Awesome Owls


Hope you are all keeping well.  Did you work out the answers to my riddles?

I bet you have all been waiting for the answers, well here goes –

What question can you never answer yes or no to?   –  Are you asleep?
What has a neck but doesn’t have a head?  –  A bottle
What has hands but can not clap? – A clock 

Did you answer them correctly ?

I’ve been busy baking again this week. I made some cookies and banana bread – I used the Mary Berry recipe off the internet. Maybe you could do a bit of baking with your grown ups.

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Take care and have a great week xx

Hello to all the Awesome Owls


I hope you have all had a good week, it has been bright and sunny. 

I’m going to share some riddles with you this week.

What question can you never answer yes or no to? 

What has a neck but doesn’t have a head?

What has hands but can not clap? 

Hope you enjoy working out the riddles. Have a good week everyone.

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Maybe these 2 owls are thinking about the riddles.

Good afternoon to all the Awesome Owls


I hope you have had a good week.

Hasn’t it been lovely to have some nice warm sunny days. I went for a walk one day last week and noticed the trees are blossoming and everything is looking brighter, it really cheered me up. If you get a chance to go for a walk take a minute to look around at all the nature around us, it is such a lovely time of year.

It was great to see some of your egg designs on Purple Mash, we have set some tasks in the year 2 file for our next topic which would have been the Titanic, I know you would have really enjoyed this topic so try to find out some facts.


Take care and have a good week.

Hope you like this weeks owl picture.

The owl is sitting in a blossom tree.

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Hello again Awesome Owls 

Hope you all have a lovely Spring Break


What is Easter Bunny’s favourite  kind of music ?        Hip Hop             See the source image

How does the Easter Bunny stay fit?        Eggs-ercise     See the source image

What kind of jewelry do rabbits wear?     14 carrot gold      See the source image


Pams Party & Practical Tips: Easter Egg Owls - Feature of the Day

Hello  Awesome Owls 

Hope you have all had a good week. It is lovely to see so many of you have made bright colourful rainbows to help make people smile, they are all different and look brilliant.

It is also great to see some of you have enjoyed completing the tasks on Purple Mash and also logging on to Bug Club to read. Well Done! I hope you are all enjoying playing games and doing exciting things with your family, we have been baking quite a bit in our house.

For now, take care and continue being awesome owls, miss you all.

See the source imageCan you spot anything odd in this picture?

Miss Muchmore



Hello to all the Wonderful Owls.

I hope you and your families are enjoying some fun activities at home and you are all being good for your grown ups.

I can’t wait to hear what you have all been doing.

Thought this funny owl might make you laugh.


Useful websites

Bug Club – https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/sudleyinfant/UploadedDocument/7465ce3f636f463bb7206153235b4493/log-onto-bug-club.docx

All children have been allocated books on bug club to read. Childrens reading books will be collected in and there are plenty of books available on the children’s accounts on bug club that they can read. Their individual log in details are in the front of their reading record books.


Purple Mash – https://www.purplemash.com/sch/sudley-infant

Children all have their personal log in details in their reading record book for purple mash. The children all know how to navigate purple mash and there are lots of learning resources available.


Twinkl – https://www.twinkl.co.uk/blog/how-to-utilise-twinkl-during-the-coronavirus-shutdown-a-guide-for-schools

Twinkl are taking steps to support continued learning at home, by offering the teachers and parents of children in schools which are closed, or facing closure, free access to all Twinkl resources for a period of one month and possibly longer depending on closures. Twinkl is a fantastic website which provides resources for all subjects in all age ranges. They have created packs for parents to download and share during this time.

Use code CVDTWINKLHELPS for free access.


Phonics play – https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/

This is a site dedicated to phonics. A lot of parents already know what phonics phase their child is on, however if you do not you can select each phase and read them through with your children. You will be able to easily identify where they are working at and try and push them onto the next stage. Please make sure you consolidate their learning first before moving onto the next phase.

Phonics is just one of the many components to help children with their reading and writing. Keep on reading as much as you can with the children as this makes a huge difference.

Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe. To access the resources all you need to do is log on using the following details.

Username: march20
Password: home


Oddizzi – https://www.oddizzi.com/

Oddizzi is an e-learning resource and community that immerses children in the real world. There are lots of geography resources available for the children to access at home. Their log in details are in their reading record books.


Mental health at home Over the next few weeks we will all experience extra pressures that will affect how we think and feel. It’s important to recognise that all of us have mental health and, just like our physical health, at this time it’s important to look after it. On page 5 of this booklet there is a checklist of little activities to complete.

Primary Schools’ Wellbeing Booklet


Welcome to Owls class page!

Please remember to bring your reading book to school everyday.

You will need your PE kit – white T shirt, blue shorts and black PE pumps.  On Wednesday you will take your kit home and come to school dressed ready for PE on a Thursday Morning. Don’t forget your uniform and school shoes.

Look forward to seeing you all soon

Miss Muchmore



Maths Trail Trip 

On Friday 6 March all the year 2 classes went to visit I.M.Marsh

We had lunch in our classroom and then set off. Once we were in small groups we went around the I.M.Marsh campus to complete a maths trail.  We had great fun and enjoyed the trip.
















Thursday 5 March World Book Day 

Owls enjoyed wearing their PJ’s to school – some children brought their favourite book to share.


Owls really enjoyed an Origami session.  We all made a balloon heart.





World Book Day

Today Owls spent some time in a magical reading room. We relaxed and listened to part of our story ‘The Far Away Tree’. It was so calming and relaxing.  We have also been reading lots of Fable books and thinking about the moral of the stories.





Our first half term

We have all been working very hard, we enjoyed learning how to draw an owl and finding out all about owls.

We went on a science trip to I.M.Marsh.

We enjoyed learning about minibeasts, we went outside to look for minibeasts and found out where they lived.










Natural History Lady

We had a visit from the Natural History Lady – she brought some animals for us to meet








Special Guest

We all got to work with an artist named Ian Fennelly – he showed some of us how to draw and use water colour paints and others made a sculpture of a fish.







Welcome back to school

Hope you enjoyed the half term break



We are starting this term  by learning  about ‘Our City’ –  Liverpool.

We will be finding out where Liverpool is on a map, what famous buildings are found in Liverpool and the history of the Liverpool Docks.  We will also learn how Liverpool got its name and how King John helped Liverpool City to develop.