Puffins – Reception

Welcome to Puffins Class Page

We are a Reception class

Our class teacher is Miss O’Kane

Our library day is Thursday.

Please return homework folders to school by Tuesday.

Our P.E days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Learning about some interesting animals

Jill Reynolds came into school to show the children some very interesting and unusual animals. We saw a chinchilla, a toad, a snake and an owl. The children learned all about their diet, their habitat and some interesting facts.


The children used their hands to take the seeds out of the pumpkins. They came up with words to describe how it felt such as squishy, slimy and gooey.


How? Wow! Science Week

This week we carried out a range of science investigations. We talked about the materials we would be using and made predictions about what we thought might happen.

-Mentos reacting in a fizzy drink

-Mentos reacting in cola with a balloon on top.

-Bouncing raisins

-Blowing bubbles

Zog by Julia Donaldson

Today we read the story of Zog. We found his school adventures funny and we loved that the princess really wanted to become a doctor. We painted pictures and made models of dragons and pretended that we were doctors treating patients just like in the book.

Fine Motor Activities

The children are working on developing their fine motor skills. Activities such as bead threading, picking up pom poms using plastic tweezers and transferring coloured water using pipettes really help to strengthen the muscles in their hands and develop fine motor control. This supports the children with their writing as it develops their pencil control, grip and pressure.

Leaf Crafts

Thank you for sending us in lots of different leaves, conkers and other bits from your Autumn walks. This week we made hedgehog leaf collages and leaf rubbings.

Letter formation 

We have been practicing forming diffeent letters. We have used a range of media including chalk, paint, flour and plastic counters to write letters using the correct formation.


We have had a brilliant start to Reception in Puffins class! The children have been getting used to their new school routine and have had lots of fun playing both outdoors and indoors, making new friends. Please remember to send your child into school wearing their outdoor P.E. kit (red tracksuit, white t-shirt and black pumps) on Wednesday morning with their uniform in their P.E. bags.

Take a look at some of the fun activites that we have been doing so far!