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Hey Grandude topic overview

Using X box or PlayStation to access remote learning

If you are having problems accessing online/ remote learning and have an X box or PlayStation you can click on the link below. This will help you get online and help you access the remote learning set by school if you do not have a suitable device such as tablet or laptop.

Remote Learning via PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

A Magical Christmas by Sparrows                                                                                           


Please find your link to the class performance of ‘A Magical Christmas’.

The password will be sent out in a separate email and also via message on ClassDojo.

Please remember that images and videos of the performance should not be shared on social media or anywhere else online.

We hope that you enjoy watching the show together as a family.

Merry Christmas!




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This is what our classroom looks like:


We have P.E. on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Kits will be left in school on your child’s peg. However, they will go home in their P.E. kits on a Tuesday. Please make sure they are returned in time for the Thursday P.E. session.

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EYFS Newsletter – 14.12.20


Have a look at our weekly newsletter to see what is coming up next week:
EYFS Newsletter – 7.12.20

Hello Sparrows!

Last week we continued on with our Celebrations topic. We look at the Jolly Christmas Postman in English and talked about writing cards and the purpose of an envelope. You all designed your own Christmas cards and some of you wrote letters for our kindness elf Sparkle and Santa. In maths, we continued to look at ordering numbers and started to talk about adding one more and taking away. We used lots of concrete resources and toys to help us with this. We also looked at different celebrations, including Christmas, birthdays, Ramadan and Eid. You all drew a picture of a celebration that you take part it and talked in your groups about what the celebration is. As well as this, you all designed your own Mehndi pattern on an outline of a hand and we looked at how different countries celebrate Christmas. Like the week before, we also spent lots of time rehearsing for our Christmas show. You are all getting very confident with the songs and dances as well as your lines!

Last Monday we had elf school where you all started the day with an elf breakfast, met Sparkle our kindness elf and completed various important elf missions. This included decorating our Christmas tree and relaxing by watching an elf themed movie with some yummy elf snacks! You all looked so amazing in your elf outfits!

We had another very exciting day today with our Christmas jumpers, a visit from Santa and two of his reindeers. You all modelled your lovely jumpers, listened to Santa telling us a poem and found out lots about reindeer. Santa said you have all been trying so hard and presented us with some brilliant toys for our classroom!

This week we will finish our celebrations topic, take part in our dress rehearsal for the Christmas show and continue to learn lots of new things.

See you all tomorrow!


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EYFS Newsletter – 30.11.20

We have had another super busy week in our Sparrows classroom!

In English we were looking at reading and writing CVC words using our phonics knowledge. These are words made up of a consonant then a vowel and then another consonant. You all worked very hard and were able to help me read the words as well as spell them – I was also so happy by how hard you all tried during our writing task! We started to look at money in maths and I was very impressed by how well (and quickly) you were all able to recognise the coins. You were even able to explore the different ways to make up certain amounts of money. When looking at the 20p and 50p coins, some of you were able to talk about their shapes with a few children questioning whether they were hexagons. Although they are not hexagons, I was very proud of the children for knowing that a hexagon was a shape and for being able to ask about them.

We continued our celebration topic by looking at the story of Rama and Sita, locating Bethlehem and Nazareth on a map and talking about the different celebrations that the children in our class take part in. We also created Rangoli patterns using pasta which the children loved doing!

On top of all of our learning and exploring, we have continued to rehearse for our Christmas show. You have all been working so hard to learn our class songs and dances. Can I just remind you that if you have lines in our show to please practise these at home as this will really help us when it comes to doing our class rehearsals! We have rehearsed both in class and on the stage and our reindeer dancers also got a special dance lesson with Miss Parsons.

Tomorrow (Monday 30th November) we will be having elf school. The children can come into school in an elf consume or green/red clothing.



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EYFS Newsletter – 23.11.20

Hello Sparrows! We have had another very busy week with lots of learning and Christmas show practises!

We looked at the story ‘Bears in the Night’ and talked about the positional language used in the book. We also used the book as a starting point to discuss darkness (night) and the use of light, such as candles and fireworks within lots of winter celebrations/festivals. We have also been continuing to learn lots of new sounds and worked on our letter formation. You have all been trying so hard with our phonics lessons – especially during our phonics games!

During our math lessons, we looked at shapes as well as the months of the year. We talked about when all of our birthdays are as well as when any other special events take place, such as Christmas. For this, you all designed your own birthday present which we displayed on our birthday display. I was so impressed by how well you all worked during this lesson!

On top of all of this, we played another game from a different country (Catch the Dragon’s Tail – a game from China), continued to look at the difference between old and new toys and discussed colour mixing.

We have also been getting into the Christmas spirit with lots of Christmas show practise and song singing. This even included a practise on the stage and singing with Ms Thomas. I am so impressed by the amount of children who already know their lines, can join in with the songs and do the actions. Keep up your great practising at home!

Next week is the start of our new 3 week topic – Celebrations: Celebrations overview.

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday for another fun week of learning, exploration and rehearsals!

Miss Hawthorne


Have a look at our weekly newsletter to see what is coming up next week:

EYFS Newsletter – 16.11.20

Wow Sparrows, what a busy week we have all had!

In English, we were looking at the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We discussed the story, whether we thought Goldilocks was a good or bad character and thought about what she could do to say sorry to the bears. The children also made some porridge and practised writing letters in porridge oats. The children also practised writing their names and worked on their letter formation as well as their fine motor skills. We looked at ordering numbers, counting objects and number formation in mathematics. Throughout the week, the children also explored and played with old toys (comparing them to newer ones), drew their favourite toy in our classroom and created kites. We also played games from different countries and looked at a map to locate England and some other countries.

On top of this, we created our own class poppy wreath, discussed the meaning of Remembrance Day and observed it by watching the CBeebies poppy video quietly.

We also took part in our Children in Need fundraiser by wearing sports clothes/football kits and competing in the ‘Beat the Goalie’ competition. You all tried really hard to beat our goalie and lots of you scored a goal – well done!

This week children were given their lines for our Christmas show, the dancers started to learn their dance and we all rehearsed our songs. It has been so lovely listening to you all say your lines and sing our songs!

Next week, we will be continuing our ‘Toys and Games’ topic and will be doing lots of Christmas show rehearsals! Please make sure you have a look at the newsletter above as it provides more information about what we will be doing as well as some key dates for diaries.

See below for some photos of our week and have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hawthorne


Have a look at our weekly newsletter to see what is coming up next week: EYFS Newsletter – 9.11.20

Hello Sparrows!

It was so lovely seeing you all back in school after our half term break – I loved hearing about what you all got up to whilst you were off!

We have had a very busy first week back completing our Traditional Tales topic. We focused on the story of The Three Little Pigs. For this, we read and discussed the story and by the end of the week most of you were able to join in and retell the story! We also enjoyed listening to and learning a Three Little Pigs rap. We looked at different houses and discussed the materials used to ensure they would be strong. Following this, we tried making wolf-proof houses using different construction resources and thought about what would be a silly material to make a house out of. You all made a list of some silly materials and drew your silly material houses – lots of you thought about snow houses, sand houses and even chocolate and jelly houses!

In our math lessons, we looked at measurements by ordering the length of different objects from shortest to longest as well as ordering items from smallest to biggest. We also looked at capacity and discussed how full or empty different cups were.

On top of this, we began to look at our Christmas show this week. We listened to and began to learn some of the songs we will be singing, as well as some of the lines that some of the children will be saying. This week, some children will be sent home with their lines to learn ahead of the big performance!

On Monday, we will be starting our new topic – Toys and Games. It is also school picture day on Monday and walk to school week this week! Please see below for more information on our new topic and walk to school week. Also, make sure you have a look at the above newsletter to find out a little bit more about what we will be getting up to this week!

Have a look at our new topic overview: Toys and Games overview

Walk to School week information: Walk To School Letter Nov 2020


Have a look at our weekly newsletter to see what is coming up next week: EYFS Newsletter – 2.11.20

Hello to all of the super Sparrows!

Not only is it the end of another week, it is also the end of our first half term of school! I am so proud of how hard you have all worked this half term!

We have had a great week of learning, exploring and lots of fun.

In Maths, we continued to look at the days of the week and the different times of the day (morning, afternoon and evening). We also looked at practical addition and started to estimate. As this week was the first week of our traditional tales topic, we looked at and explored the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’. You were all able to join in with the repeated phrases and we discussed why the troll may have been under the bridge. As a class, we decided that he must have lost his home and so ended up living under the bridge. You then thought of other places the troll could live and even had a go at writing these places. You were all so creative with where he could live and I was so impressed by how hard you all tried when writing!

We also looked at Tessa Sanderson (an Olympian) and had a discussion about what you all want to be when you are older as part of Black History month. You all had so many different dream jobs from teachers, to zoo keepers, to doctors and even palaeontologists! We discussed different types of houses, practiced underarm throwing during P.E. and listened to a rap on the ‘Three Little Pigs’ during music.

As you will all know, we also had our autumn/Halloween hat competition and big class birthday party – filled with lots of dancing, party food and laughter. It was so lovely to see you all having so much fun and playing with your friends. All of the hats were wonderful and I could tell a lot of time and hard work was put into creating them. A big well done to all of you! It was definitely the perfect way to end our first half term!

I hope you all have an amazing half term and I look forward to hearing what you got up to when school starts again!

Please see below for some photos from our party day and the rest of the week.

Miss Hawthorne


Have a look at our weekly newsletter to see what is coming up next week: EYFS Newsletter – 19.10.20

Information on our new topic Traditional Tales: Traditional Tales and rhyme overview

Hello Sparrows. It has been so lovely having you back in school this week – Mrs Griffiths and I really did miss you when you were off! I am so proud of you all for how well you came back into school – you were definitely super sparrows this week!

Even though you were not in the full week, we have still been very busy! In English we read the story ‘Leaf Man’ and you all designed your own leaf men and talked about where he would blow to. We also had a go at dough disco and developed our fine motor skills through several different activities. In Math, we continued with our counting as well as some simple addition and subtraction. We also looked at the days of the week. I was so impressed by how well you all done during our math lessons – you were super mathematicians! You also investigated colour mixing and everyone was able to make a new colour using two we already had. On top of all of this, we had P.E and explored the different ways we could travel around our circle – some of you were very inventive!

One of my favourite activities we done this week definitely has to be when we made our own bubbles. We mixed water and my magical bubble maker (washing up liquid). You were able to create so many bubbles and we had lots of fun playing with them after! I also loved it when we got rid of our wiggles by doing the handwashing dance.

Next week is the start of our new topic – ‘Traditional Tales’. We will be reading lots of tales including ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ – most of our learning will revolve around tales. Next Friday we will also be having a birthday party in our class to celebrate every child’s birthday as we know the majority of children will have missed out or will miss out on having their own party with their friends this year. I am really looking forward to this day and I hope the children are too! There will also be a Halloween/Autumn hat competition held on Friday – SIPFA have sent out a flyer regarding this.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Miss Hawthorne.

Have a look at some photos from this week:



Hello Sparrows!

It is hard to believe it is Friday already. It has been so strange (and quiet) in school without you all here! I have been kept busy though looking at all of the lovely work you have been submitting on ClassDojo. Mrs Griffiths and I are so proud of how hard you are all working and love looking at the photos, videos, and drawings of the work you have uploaded (as well as the messages from your parents telling us about what you have done).

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I cannot wait to see you all again very soon.

Miss Hawthorne


Hello to all of the Super Sparrows!

What a different week we have had this week – I definitely did not expect it to end the way it did! I just want to say how proud I am for how sensible you all were yesterday when getting ready to go home and when eating your lunch in our classroom. I must say the children all found eating in our classroom very exciting!

We still managed to have a busy week learning about the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, doing lots of counting and number activities and continuing with our phonics. The children also looked at our school on Google Maps, had PE both inside and outside and joined in with a music lesson where we explored some different instruments. Some of the children also painted self-portraits.

As a class we talked a lot about using kind hands and about how to treat the other children in our class and school (being kind and caring for one another). We also discussed the importance of hand washing again. The children all made hand prints using paint and some children wrote a few words about how to wash our hands

Miss Hawthorne


EYFS Newsletter – 28.9.20

Hello Sparrows!

We have had another week filled with lots of learning, exploration and play. We have continued to look at our numbers as well as shapes and repeating patterns. In English, we have been talking about and drawing our families – your drawings were all so beautiful! We also tried drawing our own self-portraits. Before the weather turned cold, we enjoyed PE outside and, like usual, everyone loved playing in the Outdoor Learning Area! The children also had lots of fun playing with the playdough

One of my favourite lessons this week was our science lesson all about our senses. We tasted different fruits, felt different objects and also smelt different liquids – nearly everyone loved the smell of the shampoo the most! During this lesson the children also got to play different instruments – at one point it sounded as if we had a band in our classroom!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Hawthorne



Your child was sent home today with a special book. This is to record any exciting things that you do together. It could be that you’ve been on a special walk, visited a castle, or taken the bus to town. The idea is that a page is filled in with your child , then they can share it with the class. (Adult or child can write a few sentences and a bus ticket, a leaf, or a photograph could be stuck in).


EYFS Newsletter – 21.9.20

Hello Sparrows, what a busy week we have had! We have all enjoyed looking at the baby photographs that have been brought in and guessing who is in the photo. You have all grown so much and we talked about how we have changed from being a baby to now! We have also been doing lots of counting – I am so impressed by how well you can count already! On top of this, the children have been going on tours of the school to learn about where all the different classrooms are, as well as the school office and some of the other teachers! There has also been lots of creativity happening with children drawing wonderful pictures of themselves and our class bird – the Sparrow. The children have also loved their PE sessions and spending time in the Outdoor Learning Area.

Next week we will be continuing our topic of ‘Magical Me’ which will include drawing pictures of our families and learning more about our senses (including fruit tasting)! We will also be learning about Roald Dahl. Make sure you have a look at this weeks newsletter to find out even more about what we will be getting up to!

Also, please try to keep to your staggered drop-off and pick-up times to help us adhere to social distancing.

Miss Hawthorne


EYFS Newsletter – 14.9.20

‘Magical Me’ topic overview: ‘Magical Me’ topic overview

Wow Sparrows – what a wonderful first week we have all had! The children have all been amazing coming into school and remembering where to put all of their things. They have also had lots of fun making new friends, learning facts about our class bird and playing with and participating in lots of different activities. Well done, I am so proud of how well you have all been settling in!

Can I please remind parents that any fruit or vegetables that are brought into school for a snack must be labelled either a bag or small container. We have had lots of pieces of fruit and vegetables coming in and so it needs to be labelled so we know who owns them. Can I also ask that all pieces of clothing has names on them – especially coats and jumpers/cardigans. Many thanks.

Our new three week topic will be starting on Monday – ‘Magical Me’.  For this, please can you send in a baby photograph of your child with their name on the back.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday!

Miss Hawthorne

Here are some photographs from our first week at Sudley Infant School:


EYFS Newsletter – 7.9.20

Bird topic overview: bird topic overview

Hello Sparrows!

It has been so lovely getting to speak to your parents this week to find out more about you all before you start next week. I even got to speak to some of you over the phone!

Some reminders:

  • 2 hour ‘Stay and Play’ sessions are happening on Monday (7th) and Tuesday (8th). Parents will have been given a date and time for this. Please remember, only one parent is to come into school and once your child has settled, you will leave via the classroom door. We also ask that parents stay socially distanced from other parents and staff. School book bags, PE bags and water bottles will be on sale on the day if needed.
  • children will enter school through green doors at the top of the big playground via the main entrance from Lugard Road. They will then be collected at the end of the day from our classroom door via the entrance on Milner Road.
  • make sure your child has both the indoor and outdoor PE kits. These will be kept in school, however, the children may come home in them once a week – if so, please bring it back in the next day.
  • from Wednesday 9th September children will enter school by themselves with the time they start and finish depending on their surname –
    • A-G = 8:40 – 3:05
    • H-N = 8:45 – 3:10
    • O-Z = 8:50 – 3:15

Over the course of next week, we will be learning about our class bird – the Sparrow. We will also be doing activities to get to know each other, learning about the school routines and spending time in the outdoor learning area.

See you all next week,

Miss Hawthorne

Listen to a special message from your class teacher.

Hello to all the new Sparrows,

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer! I am really looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you into Sparrows. We are going to have so much fun together in our class and I am sure you are all going to make lots of new friends. I hope you are also excited to start in September and I am sure you all look very smart in your new uniforms!

See you all very soon,

Miss Hawthorne

Your child has been allocated two reading books. Please send these to school each day alongside their reading record book. One of the books is a phonic book and one is a story book. Please listen to your child read one of their books each day. Some of the books will have no words in them these books focus on developing children’s language and comprehension skills. Please discuss the story with your child and look at the pictures also practise turning the pages in the correct order. Get your child to look for familiar sounds in the story if they cannot read the words. Some of the books will have key words/sounds on the front or back cover. Please look at the front page in the reading record book as there is guidance for parents/carers. Please write a positive comment each time you listen to your child read one of their books. In the reading record there are log in details for Active Learn, your child will have books allocated on there to read they can be found in ‘My Stuff.’ We ask that water bottles are not put in book bags to prevent reading books being damaged.


Happy reading!

Home Learning Activities:

Tuesday 13th October- Home learning 

Daily phonics lesson video: Practice blending sounds previously taught to read words.
(Reception Lesson 14 – part 2)
Follow along: Can you recognise all of the sounds at the beginning? If there are any tricky ones, keep practicing them. Sound out and blend to read words along with the teacher. Practice writing these words in your home learning book: cat, nod, got.
Fine motor 
Get a ball of playdoh and join in with if you’re happy and you know it dance
Use your playdoh to make some playdoh cupcakes. If you have any candles have a go at sticking these in your cupcakes.
Get 5 objects. Put them on the left.  This means 5 add zero equals 5.
Move 1 object to the right. Say 4 add 1 makes 5.
Then move another object to the right. Say 3 add 2 makes 5.
Continue this until all objects are on the right. Say Zero add 5 makes 5.
Understanding the World
Watch the video on Oak National Academy; ‘To identify what makes me unique’: 
Once you have watched the video, draw a picture of something that makes you unique in your home learning book e.g. your hair colour, another language that you can speak or something that you are good at. Please write the date and Understanding the World at the top of the page.


Monday 12th October

Watch ‘We’re Going on a leaf Hunt’
Imagine you went on a leaf hunt. Where would you go? Draw pictures in your red home learning book of all the places you would go on your leaf hunt.
Model counting on fingers to 20.
Adult call out number and children show that many fingers.
Show a number of fingers up to six. Ask children to call out how many fingers you are showing. How quick can they be? Repeat showing a different amount.
Ask children to put their hands behind their backs while you roll a dice. Children show with their fingers the number of dots on the dice (as quickly as they can). Repeat.
Can they recognise the number  of dots without counting?
Investigate dissolving.
Watch the video on BBC Bitesize:
Explain that when something dissolves in water, it looks as if it has disappeared. However, the substance has not disappeared; it has mixed with the water to make a see-through (transparent) liquid.
Dissolving experiment: Get four cups of warm water. Place 2 teaspoons of the following substances into each: pasta, flour, salt and sugar. Mix with a spoon and observe whether the substance dissolves or not. Predict what you think will happen. Was your predication true or false?
Daily phonics lesson video: Learn to read k
(Reception Lesson 14 – part 1)
Follow along: Say the k sound along with the video and practice writing the letter in your home learning book. Discuss how it sounds exactly the same as c but is written as a different letter. Can you find any objects that begin with k around your house?


Friday 9th October

Watch the lesson on ‘The Little Red Hen’:
Ask a grown up to make a video of you performing the story.
Use your red home learning exercise book to draw a story map of the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and use it to tell someone the story.
Clap several times and ask your child to count the claps quietly to themselves. Ask how many claps there were? Repeat with different amounts.
Use the sheet to count objects to 10. The most important thing is that your child counts each set slowly, pointing to each object as they count. If they can, get them to try to write the numbers. An adult can write the number to show them what it looks like.
If your child is confident with numbers to 10, use objects in your house to count sets up to 20.
Ketchup and coin experiment.
Watch this video:
Find a dirty coin. Squirt some tomato ketchup into a small dish and place the coin into it, making sure the coin is completely submerged. Leave the coin for 5-10 minutes and then remove and rinse it under warm water. Does it look any cleaner?
If you have any of the other items (washing up liquid, vinegar, salt, lemon juice) you can also try them to see if they clean your coin.
Daily phonics lesson video: Practice blending sounds to read words.
(Reception Lesson 13 – part 2)
Follow along: Sound out the words slowly along with the video and stretch your hands apart as you say each sound. Blend them together and clap, saying the word out loud.


Thursday 8th October

Daily phonics lesson video: Learn to read the sound: c
(Reception Lesson 13 – part 1)
Follow along: practice saying the sound and the words that begin with the c sound. Practice writing c lots of times in your home learning book and find things around your house that begin with this sound.
Tell your child that they are learning about position − that means where things are.
Hold up a soft toy. Balance it on your head and ask children, Where is it? Emphasise ʻon top ofʼ. Then hold it under your arm. Where is it? Emphasise ʻunderʼ.
Give your child a soft toy and give directions, for example: Put the toy under your right hand. Move the toy next to your left foot. Place it on top of your head.
Please look at the class story (on ClassDojo) to find the positional language PowerPoint.
Fine motor
Do some finger warm up exercises:
Give your child a basket of pegs and ask them to practise clipping the pegs around a bucket or bowl.
Understanding the World
Watch the video on Oak National Academy; ‘To name different people in my family’:
Once you have watched the video, draw a picture of your family in your home learning book. Please write the date and Understanding the World at the top of the page.


Wednesday 7th October

Show your child how to use an iPad / tablet / phone to take a photograph. Show them which button to press and have a go at taking both landscape and portrait photographs.
Can your child independently take a picture using the iPad / tablet / phone? Take photographs of your favourite things around your house or garden.
Roll a dice. (Draw dots on pieces of paper if you do not have a dice!) Ask child to say the number without counting- they can show the number on their fingers or call it out as quick as possible.
Discuss what your child does in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Your child is to draw a picture of something they do in the morning and something they do in the afternoon. Use your ‘Home School Learning’ book, using one page for both drawings. Please put the date and ‘Maths’ at the top of the page
 Fine Motor Skills
Give your child a ball of playdoh or a piece of scrunched up paper.
Put on dough disco on Youtube:
Draw a lined pattern on a piece of paper and ask children to go over the pattern using counters/coins
Daily phonics lesson video: Learn to blend sounds together to read a word.
(Reception Autumn term – Lesson 11: part 2)
Follow along: practise sounding out the words and then blending them together along with the video. Start with your hands pressed together (like a clap) and stretch them apart slightly with each sound m – a – t. Once you have stretched each sound out, clap your hand together again and blend the sounds together to make the word ( m – a – t   to  mat ).


Tuesday 6th October

Read ‘This Floats, That Sinks’ on Active Learn.
Your username and password can be found in your reading record.
Make a list together of objects that float and objects that sink. Draw them in your red home learning book.
Floating and sinking.
Read ‘This Floats, That Sinks’ on Bug Club. Your username and password can be found in your reading record.
Can you remember which items floated and which sunk?
Fill a basin with water and collect different objects from around your house. Set them in the water. Do they float or sink to the bottom?
Write the days of the week on different pieces of paper. Discuss the order, and initial letters of the words. Place in order. Ask questions like, If it is Saturday today, what day was it yesterday? If tomorrow is Tuesday, what day is it today?
Discuss what days the child does activities e.g. Monday is swimming, Friday we go to the park. Listen to the song
Daily phonics lesson video: Learn to read and write g
(Reception Autumn term – Lesson 11: part 1)
Follow along: practice saying the sound and the words that begin with the g sound. Practice writing g lots of times in your home learning book and find things around your house that begin with this sound. Play eye spy with your child using words that begin with the sounds that they have learnt so far: s a t p i n m d g


Monday 5th October

Watch the lesson on ‘The Little Red Hen’:
Draw your favourite moment from the story in your home learning book.
Count forwards to 20 and then back to 0, clapping with each count. Repeat several times.
Chant the days of the week in order. Ask, What day is it today? What day will it be tomorrow? Explain that ʻtodayʼ means the day we are in now, ʻtomorrowʼ means the day after today (after one sleep) and ʻyesterdayʼ means the day before today.
Listen to the days of the week song
Using everyday objects as percussion instruments.
Investigate how many sounds can be made using different spoons – metal, plastic and wooden. Run them along a radiator or lightly tap different surfaces outside with them e.g. the ground, outdoor wall etc.
Can you find any other objects around you house that could be used as a percussion instrument? Experiment with the sounds that you can make.
Daily phonics lesson video: Review the sounds: i, n, m, d
(Reception Autumn term – Lesson 10)
Follow along; practice saying the sounds and writing them in your home learning book. You could also draw a picture of something that begins with each of the letters.


Friday 2nd October

Listen to the counting song 10 Green Bottles:
Adults write numbers 1-10 on individual pieces of paper/ post-it notes. Child then to make Lego towers next to each number with the correct number of blocks (of collect items if you do not have Lego).
Learn to read and write the d sound. Daily phonics lesson video (Reception, Autumn term, lesson 9):
Follow along; practice saying the sound and writing it on a piece of paper. Find objects in your house that begin with d.
Fine motor skills
Give your child a ball of playdoh or a piece of scrunched up piece of paper. Watch dough disco on YouTube:
Use scissors to cut out some pictures from a magazine. Or, draw some circles and squares on a piece of paper and cut them out.
This week we have been reading the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.
Click on the link to listen to the story being read: 
Go on your own bear hunt around your house and garden. Pretend to find some swishy grass, splashy puddles, squelchy mud, a dark forest, a snowstorm and a gloomy cave. Travel through each obstacle making the sound effects from the story e.g. squelch, splash, tip toe.
Take a photograph of your child acting out part of the story.  (If on Class Dojo). Have fun on your adventure!