Sparrows – Reception

Welcome to Sparrows class page.

Our teacher is

Miss McGrattan.


28 June 2020

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Hello super Sparrows! I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe! It is a pity the sunshine has gone away for a little while but there are still loads of activities you can do indoors! You could even put on your wellies and go splash in some puddles! I hope you have all had a chance to look at PurpleMash. There are a lot of fun activities on there for you to do. I love seeing all the work you post on there!

Love Miss McGrattan.


Whole school sails art project

During these challenging and unprecedented times we are so proud of how our Sudley community have come together to support each other in many different ways. To our parents who have been brilliant home educators, our children who uplift us all with your beautiful bright rainbows in windows and especially to our key workers – we thank, clap for and celebrate you all.

To mark this time in our lives we have decided to create a whole school art project to reflect and remember our solidarity, based around the idea of ‘Sailing Through Together’.

For more details please look on the tab on the home learning page or download the sails artwork project information sheet here.


Hello super Sparrows! I hope everyone is doing well and keeping busy. Remember to have a look on active learn and purple mash and keep reading! I have been making some delicious treats! Since it is so lovely and warm now it is easier for fruit to grow so there is a lot of great fruit in the shops! So I made some chocolate covered strawberries and I made an apple pie! There were both lovely! Have you been making anything? If you have I can not wait to hear all about it!

Love Miss McGrattan.



Hello again super Sparrows! I hope everyone is still staying safe and have been able to get out for some lovely walks or bike rides with this lovely weather! I have been looking at all the lovely work on Purple Mash, well done everyone! Some have uploaded photos too which are lovely! We think it would be fun if you could all see each other’s work so you could have it posted on our class display boards. Any work you would like posted needs to be saved and handed in. If you want a piece of work posting then please type ‘post me’ in the comments to teacher box when you save and hand in your work. We are not able to put photos of children on the display board. I miss you all and look forward to seeing you all again!

Love Miss McGrattan.


Hello super Sparrows! I hope everyone is staying safe! I have been keeping up with my running! I do not think I will ever be as fast as all of you though! I have also been doing a lot more baking, my favourite was banana bread! I would show you a picture of it but I gobbled it all up before I could take a picture! I hope you are all still reading, I miss reading you all stories and listening to you read. I can’t wait to listen to you all read again and to tell you more stories.

Love Miss McGrattan.

Hello all my super Sparrows! I hope you are all staying safe and doing lovely activities at home! Remember to check out all the lovely ideas and activities on our home learning page! Also don’t forget to look at Purple Mash and Active Learn! I have been keeping busy by going for runs and I have even been making some fudge! It is so yummy! I can’t wait to hear about all the lovely activities you have been up to!

From Miss McGrattan.

I hope you are all well and enjoying doing lots of different activities at home. Remember to log on to Purple Mash and Active Learn. I hope you are all being super Sparrows!

From Miss McGrattan

Some fun activities to try:


-Try some cooking or baking together and then draw and label the ingredients that you used.

-Create a treasure trail of words around the house/garden with clues describing where to find them.

-Who has the best memory in your house? … Put a few items on a tray (for example, a crayon, an apple, a building brick, a toy car). Then look, cover, remember and check! Add more items to make to make it more challenging.

-Look at some family photographs. Copy the image in the photograph onto some paper using pencils / crayons / paints. You could write a sentence to explain what is happening in the photo.

-Make a puppet theatre using your teddies and toys to retell a favourite book.

-Play throw and catch using a ball or a soft object. Count how many throws you can successfully complete. After every 2 rallies you could add these up using a numberline eg. 4 + 5 = 9

– Log onto Active Learn and read every day.

– Draw a picture of what you have done and write a sentence about it.

– Write numbers to 20 on post-it notes and place them on the floor. Jump on a number and say the number that is one more / 1 less.

– Go on the website  and play Phase 2 / 3 / 4 games.

– Make a poster about a country. Draw the flag, an animal from that country and other information.

– Cut out shapes and stick them on paper and make a shape picture.

– Find a small box and see how many objects you can fit in the box.

-Count forwards and backwards to 20.

– Write your numbers and letters

-Do some gardening or plant a seed / bulb

-Go on a shape hunt, how many different shapes can you find?

-Write down the different ways that make 10. You can use sweets , buttons, pieces of Lego etc. 3+7=10 4+6=10


Useful websites

Bug Club –

All children have been allocated books on bug club to read. Childrens reading books will be collected in and there are plenty of books available on the children’s accounts on bug club that they can read. Their individual log in details are in the front of their reading record books.


Purple Mash –

Children all have their personal log in details in their reading record book for purple mash. The children all know how to navigate purple mash and there are lots of learning resources available.


Twinkl –

Twinkl are taking steps to support continued learning at home, by offering the teachers and parents of children in schools which are closed, or facing closure, free access to all Twinkl resources for a period of one month and possibly longer depending on closures. Twinkl is a fantastic website which provides resources for all subjects in all age ranges. They have created packs for parents to download and share during this time.

Use code CVDTWINKLHELPS for free access.


Phonics play –

This is a site dedicated to phonics. A lot of parents already know what phonics phase their child is on, however if you do not you can select each phase and read them through with your children. You will be able to easily identify where they are working at and try and push them onto the next stage. Please make sure you consolidate their learning first before moving onto the next phase.

Phonics is just one of the many components to help children with their reading and writing. Keep on reading as much as you can with the children as this makes a huge difference.

Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe. To access the resources all you need to do is log on using the following details.

Username: march20
Password: home


Oddizzi –

Oddizzi is an e-learning resource and community that immerses children in the real world. There are lots of geography resources available for the children to access at home. Their log in details are in their reading record books.


We had such a fun time today dancing outside to some of our favourite songs!


Samba Bamba

We had so much fun at Samba Bamba! We got to play instruments and when Brian blew the whistle we all had to shout SAMBA!






























Fire Fighters

We loved seeing the firefighters and we learnt so much! It was very funny to see Miss McGrattan dressed up as a firefighter!



































We got a pumpkin and got to explore the inside of it and watch Miss McGrattan carve it!














We had fun painting conkers outside.










We have even been playing with our school Kubo robots!















We really enjoyed our stay and play!