Woodpeckers – Reception

Welcome to Woodpeckers Class Page
We are a Reception class
Our teachers are Mrs O’Rourke and Mrs Doyle.


Homework is to be brought back into school on a Monday or a Tuesday. Library is on a Thursday so please bring in library books on a Thursday so your child can pick another one.


10th December

The children have all been looking at different families and know that not one family are the same. We enjoyed looking at all the family albums that have come in, and look forward to seeing some more next week. In music we have explored the different families in an orchestra. We sorted the different instruments into families and have played with different instruments in class.


20th December

Happy Christmas to all the Woodpeckers and their families. We’ll see you all next year. We’ve had so much fun these past weeks.


22nd November

This week we have been investigating objects that float and sink. It was so much fun and we were surprised with some of the findings. We are all enjoying singing lots of Christmas songs for our Christmas show. Remember if you have lines to learn please practice them.

8th November

This week we have been discussing Bonfire night and how to stay safe. We took part in different activities about fireworks etc. We had great fun. We have also been discussing measuring. We’ve looked at capacity and length.

25th October – We had fun looking and learning about lots of different animals!


18th October

We have been learning all about bugs. We made a huge spider web outside using wool. We had some bugs trapped in ice that we had to rescue, and have been painting with frozen paint cubes. We have also been learning the days of the week, word building and listening to stories about minibeasts.


10th October

We are all enjoying doing experiments this week. We have taken part in a balloon rocket experiment, made Persi erupt by using mints, and observed raisins dancing in lemonade! We have also explored how mixing colours can make new colours!

We are continuing to develop our fine motor skills which develops the strength in our hands. We have been using the twigs we have collected and wrapping pipe cleaners around them to create colourful twigs!

26th September

 We have had lots of fun looking at all the leaves that the children have brought in. We have read the leaf man and have used leaf prints to design our own paintings. We have also used the leaves to create our own hedgehog collage. The Woodpeckers have enjoyed lots of different activities including counting sets of objects, learning about autumn, listening to poems and singing lots of different songs.


18th September

We have been playing with lots of different activities, making friends and having fun.

Today we have been on a tour around the school. We are learning where all the other classes are, and how to get to the office. We found the library and can’t wait to get a book from there soon. We are doing so well at being Woodpeckers. We have learnt some new songs, played outside and enjoyed tracing, plasticine and lots of other activities.



13th September


Well done all of you for finishing your first week. You have all done amazingly well. Enjoy your weekend and we will see you all again on Monday.


Our first day


Well done to all the Woodpeckers who had a fantastic day on Friday. You were all amazing! We look forward to our first full week.