Woodpeckers – Reception


Welcome to Woodpeckers class page
We are a Reception class.
Our teachers are Mrs Doyle and Mrs Gallears.


Please look at our class story on ClassDojo for the latest news and photographs showing what we have been doing in class.


Sudley Infants library is officially re-open!

Your child will be bringing home a library book they have chosen today, this will need to be returned before next Tuesday in order for them take out a different book. Reminder slips will be issued for any book not returned.
The children were all very excited to have free choice of some lovely books, Ms Thomas has been very busy purchasing lots of new exciting story books and fact books to add to our library for the children to read.
We have asked the children to look after their books while they have them, so other children can enjoy them later on.
We hope you have the opportunity to look at the book with your child so they can share their excitement.
Happy reading!


We have been busy making our fruit caterpillars today. They looked very tasty and they enjoyed eating them! All the spare fruit got eaten also! 🍉 🍎 🍌
We are thrilled to say that we have 5 cocoons all ready to become butterflies! We will be watching them closely!


What an exciting day we have had! Sofia and her mum kindly brought in 6 baby chicks for us to look at. We have learnt lots of facts about them, and all carefully held them! Thank you!

We set ourselves a challenge to try and make spaghetti and marshmallow towers! It was so much fun. Today every child in the class said a joke on the microphone! We all laughed lots and raised money for Comic Relief! Thank you everyone.
Have an amazing weekend, the weather looks great also! 😁
Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears and Miss Hunt

Our newest additions to Woodpeckers! It’s amazing how quickly the caterpillars grow! 🐛 We are using magnifying glasses to observe them!













Happy World Book Day. We enjoyed sharing our favourite book with our friends. We listened to ‘The Smartest Giant in town’ which is Mrs Doyle’s favourite book! We even got to play with the story sack with all the characters in it. We got to read other books and use the story sacks for them. We discussed what a rap is and listened to some all linked with different books.

Happy reading of your new book tonight!📚📚📚📚📚📚🥰

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Hunt


Woodpeckers were brilliant today at their basketball shoot out! Well done all of you, and thank you to all the families that donated.

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Hunt


It was so much fun making jam sandwiches and following the instructions. We discussed the special words that may start the sentences (First, then, next , finally)
We also had a great time dressing up in our class!
On Wednesday children come to school with clothing on that is suitable for sports. This can be tracksuits, football kits or leggings etc. We look forward to raising lots of money for a great cause!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody and we will see you on Monday!

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Hunt



The weeks seem to be flying by! We have been measuring using bricks, cubes, paperclips and even a shoe! It has all been so much fun! Today we made our soup. We discussed the ingredients and how to make it. Many of the children thought it was very tasty!
We have also learnt about Chinese New Year and have enjoyed many activities around this, including trying to pick up things with chopsticks!
Well done Wonderful Woodpeckers!




The children have been listening to ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and acting out the story. We looked at why we thought it wasn’t in England. We knew that it was too cold to have tangerines growing here! We also looked at how humans can spoil our beautiful Earth by listening to the song ‘5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer’ and looking at the book. It had very clear pictures of pollution, rubbish and deforestation. We discussed how these made the spacemen sad! Luckily the spacemen decided to stay at the end as there was no pollution or oil in the oceans! We have spoken about how we must recycle to help our world! We also made a lovely collage out of recycled materials!

We have worked hard with our number bonds and different numbers that make 5 and 10. (E.g. 7+3) They have investigated the different way! In PE we have been getting out the benches and the mats and travelling in various ways.

Another busy and enjoyable week! We all loved sharing our family albums with each other. Thank you to everyone who made one. The children were all so proud showing us their amazing families!

Have a great weekend!
Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears and Miss Hunt


We have just finished our first full week of 2022! It was lovely to see the Woodpeckers back with their lovely smiles! We are convinced they have all grown over the Christmas holidays!

This week we have been making symmetrical patterns, learning about the Earth (looking at the land and oceans, and how it can be day in one country, and night in another!) We have loved reading ‘Whatever Next’ and making rockets, acting out the story, and creating a lovely sky with paint! We have also been exploring different textures and thinking about what words can describe how it feels!

Please can you ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school each day. We usually have PE on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! They need a white t-shirt, shorts, pumps and their tracksuit. Some of the children have grown lots so please check that everything fits when it comes home on a Wednesday afternoon!

As the family albums are so amazing, we want to keep them in a little longer so the children can share them with their friends. They have all shown them to the class!

Many thanks again for all your help and support, and a happy new year!

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Hunt



Today we had a visit from Father Christmas’ reindeer! We learnt lots of new facts… did you know reindeer can run up to 35 miles per hour? We had a visit from Father Christmas, and he gave us some gifts for our class. We were so very excited! 🤩 We had lots of fun playing with our new toys, thank you Father Christmas.




What an Elf-tastic day! We were all wonderful students of Elf school. We helped dress Father Christmas for his big trip on Christmas Eve, we made snowmen and paper chains to decorate our classroom, we even had our Elf snacks whilst watching a special video message from the Big Man himself! We all helped decorate our class Christmas tree… and we had a visit from our class kindness Elf! We decided to call them ‘Elfa’. We were all very tired Elves by the end of the day. 🎅🏻



The children are getting very excited for Christmas now as the school has a Christmas tree and sleigh in the hall, and the corridors are full of decorations. We will be decorating our class on Monday so we are hoping we will have lots of helpful elves who are willing! 😀
The children enjoyed a visit from the ‘Pop Project’ who sang many songs about feeling good. The children all enjoyed themselves. We have continued looking at Rangoli patterns in art, and they watched a video about a lady making a Rangoli pattern, then we tried making our own!
The shop in our role play area has inspired lots of discussion about coins and what we use money for.
As always have a great weekend and we will see you as elves on Monday! 👍🌟🌟🌟




We have loved hearing Christmas songs being sung today in assembly with Ms Thomas! The children were all so excited to learn them! A small number of children have been sent a letter asking to bring in black leggings or trousers for the Christmas Show. If you did not get a letter, school will be providing costumes.

We all had fun colour mixing, learning positional language, (Bears in the Night story) and painting with forks to create a bear!
We hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Doyle, Miss Riding & Mrs Gallears


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Today the children have been flying different kites to test which materials are best to use! We held a 2 minute silence yesterday for Remembrance Day and all the children did so well 🙂 We have discussed why we have poppies and the importance of the silence.

See you all next week! 👍



We have had a great week back after half term. It was lovely hearing about what you have all been up to! This week we have been learning all about the Three Little Pigs. Today one of the pigs went missing, leaving a photograph on our iPad! The children questioned the wolf and thought that he had taken the pig! They made missing posters to help find the pig, and eventually he was found. He had made friends with the wolf, and had been for his tea! He left us a letter explaining this! We watched a cartoon about the 3 pigs from 78 years ago and compared it to a very modern cartoon which used computers to make it!

We also had a real author visit today, and he read some of his book. It was about Mickey the chimpanzee who really did escape from a zoo and came into our playground! It was a long time ago!

We have also learnt about Diwali, capacity, and enjoyed our walk around the local area, learning about materials and different houses.


We have been making leaf men after listening to the story. We used real leaves and conkers to make him, and also made one using sponge printing. We all thought of different ideas where he may get blown too.

We have explored magnets and enjoyed going round the classroom and the outdoor area, testing which objects would be attracted to the magnet.

We have used a pipette and oil to create different paintings. We think it looks like the Earth!

Please remember to look at the newsletter which is set out each Friday on ClassDojo as it does have important information on.👍⭐️ Many thanks



We have all enjoyed reading ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We played in the bear cave and have started to make story maps of where the children in the story went on their bear hunt. We loved looking at the baby photos you all sent in. It was very hard to guess who each baby was! You are all so much bigger and can do many things now!
In PE we have been balancing and throwing bean bags. We had to throw it in the hoop that had an animal in! It got harder the further away the hoop was! We all tried so hard.

Well done Woodpeckers on another great week!

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Riding




Another fantastic few weeks as Woodpeckers! We have been discussing how families are all different, how we have different hobbies, houses and like different things! We know that it would not be as exciting if we were all the same! The children have all been drawing their families.

We all had a turn at holding a watermelon! We couldn’t believe how heavy it was! Our watermelon had come all the way from Brazil! We looked on the globe and discussed all the sea and land and found where Brazil was. It had come a long way!

Our fruit salad was a great success. The children all did so well chopping all the fruit and most of them really enjoyed it! We ended the day off with a dance to a ‘Fruit Salad’ song!

We have talked about our senses and had a go at smelling different things! Some were lovely and some not so nice! We thought that garlic was a strong smell and vinegar!

Have a great weekend and if you have not already brought in your baby photograph please bring it in on Monday!

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Riding


Well done Wonderful Woodpeckers on your first week in school! They have all done so well. We are looking forward to seeing them all on Monday morning with big smiles! Have a wonderful weekend. Parents, you should all be very proud of how well they are doing!

Here are some reminders –
-Please ensure that any fruit that comes into class is labelled with their name. We also have fruit in our class everyday that they can have.

-Some children have been telling us that they would like milk! Parents need to register with Dairylink, even if your child is entitled to free milk. These links have been sent out already.

-On a Tuesday your child will come home in their PE kit and will have their uniform in their PE bag. Please bring their PE bag back into school on Wednesday.

-We have PE on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so please make sure their PE kits are in school.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Riding


It was lovely to meet some of you you this week! We look forward to welcoming you all to our Stay and Play sessions on Monday and Tuesday, in uniform. There will be an opportunity to purchase book bags, water bottles and PE bags afterwards. We do not have a card machine, so please bring cash or cheque.
…and remember to bring them big smiles with you!
Mrs Doyle and Mrs Gallears


Hello Woodpeckers

We look forward to welcoming you into Woodpeckers. We have lots of activities planned and we are sure that you will make lots of new friends.

See you all very soon,

Love Mrs Doyle & Mrs Gallears


Our lovely classroom!

Useful Websites 

Bug Club: All children have been allocated books on Bug Club to read. Their individual log in details will be placed in the front of their reading record books.

Purple Mash: Children will have their personal log in details put into their reading record book for Purple Mash. The children all know how to navigate Purple Mash and there are lots of learning resources available. We encourage children to practice logging on and off Purple Mash independently.

Oddizzi: Oddizzi is an e-learning resource and community that immerses children in the real world. There are lots of geography resources available for the children to access at home. Their log in details will be in the front of their reading record books.