Woodpeckers – Reception


Welcome to Woodpeckers class page
We are a Reception class.
Our teachers are Mrs Doyle and Mrs Gallears.


We have been making leaf men after listening to the story. We used real leaves and conkers to make him, and also made one using sponge printing. We all thought of different ideas where he may get blown too.

We have explored magnets and enjoyed going round the classroom and the outdoor area, testing which objects would be attracted to the magnet.

We have used a pipette and oil to create different paintings. We think it looks like the Earth!

Please remember to look at the newsletter which is set out each Friday on ClassDojo as it does have important information on.👍⭐️ Many thanks



We have all enjoyed reading ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We played in the bear cave and have started to make story maps of where the children in the story went on their bear hunt. We loved looking at the baby photos you all sent in. It was very hard to guess who each baby was! You are all so much bigger and can do many things now!
In PE we have been balancing and throwing bean bags. We had to throw it in the hoop that had an animal in! It got harder the further away the hoop was! We all tried so hard.

Well done Woodpeckers on another great week!

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Riding




Another fantastic few weeks as Woodpeckers! We have been discussing how families are all different, how we have different hobbies, houses and like different things! We know that it would not be as exciting if we were all the same! The children have all been drawing their families.

We all had a turn at holding a watermelon! We couldn’t believe how heavy it was! Our watermelon had come all the way from Brazil! We looked on the globe and discussed all the sea and land and found where Brazil was. It had come a long way!

Our fruit salad was a great success. The children all did so well chopping all the fruit and most of them really enjoyed it! We ended the day off with a dance to a ‘Fruit Salad’ song!

We have talked about our senses and had a go at smelling different things! Some were lovely and some not so nice! We thought that garlic was a strong smell and vinegar!

Have a great weekend and if you have not already brought in your baby photograph please bring it in on Monday!

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Riding


Well done Wonderful Woodpeckers on your first week in school! They have all done so well. We are looking forward to seeing them all on Monday morning with big smiles! Have a wonderful weekend. Parents, you should all be very proud of how well they are doing!

Here are some reminders –
-Please ensure that any fruit that comes into class is labelled with their name. We also have fruit in our class everyday that they can have.

-Some children have been telling us that they would like milk! Parents need to register with Dairylink, even if your child is entitled to free milk. These links have been sent out already.

-On a Tuesday your child will come home in their PE kit and will have their uniform in their PE bag. Please bring their PE bag back into school on Wednesday.

-We have PE on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so please make sure their PE kits are in school.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Gallears & Miss Riding


It was lovely to meet some of you you this week! We look forward to welcoming you all to our Stay and Play sessions on Monday and Tuesday, in uniform. There will be an opportunity to purchase book bags, water bottles and PE bags afterwards. We do not have a card machine, so please bring cash or cheque.
…and remember to bring them big smiles with you!
Mrs Doyle and Mrs Gallears

Hello Woodpeckers

We look forward to welcoming you into Woodpeckers. We have lots of activities planned and we are sure that you will make lots of new friends.

See you all very soon,

Love Mrs Doyle & Mrs Gallears

Our lovely classroom!

Useful Websites 

Bug Club: All children have been allocated books on Bug Club to read. Their individual log in details will be placed in the front of their reading record books.

Purple Mash: Children will have their personal log in details put into their reading record book for Purple Mash. The children all know how to navigate Purple Mash and there are lots of learning resources available. We encourage children to practice logging on and off Purple Mash independently.

Oddizzi: Oddizzi is an e-learning resource and community that immerses children in the real world. There are lots of geography resources available for the children to access at home. Their log in details will be in the front of their reading record books.