School policies cover every aspect of school life! Below are some of our most important policies for your information. Additional policies can also be found on the website in the relevant sections.

Paper copies of these statutory policies are available on request from the school office.

Access to minutes of Governor meetings 2020

Accessibility Plan 2016-19 REVIEWED 2018

Admissions 2020

Allegations against staff and volunteers 2019

Managing allegations against staff procedure 2019

Appraisal for teachers Policy 2020

Behaviour Policy 2019

Behaviour Statement of Principles 2019

Capability Policy for teachers 2020

Capability Policy for Support Staff 2020

Career stage expectations for HT, staff and Governors 2019 

Charging & Remissions Policy 2019 

Child Protection Policy & guidance 2020-2021

Complaints Policy 2019

Data Protection Policy 2019

Equality Objectives evaluation 2018

EYFS Policy 2020

Freedom of Information Policy 2019

Governors’ Allowances Policy 2019

Governors- Instrument of Government 2019

Grievance Policy & Procedure 2020

Health, Safety & Welfare Policy 2020

H&S Policy Statement LCC 2018

Health & Safety Statement 2019

Home School Agreement 2020-2021

Home School Agreement COVID 2020-21

Pay Policy 2020

Privacy Notices 2019

Relationships, Sex & Health Education Policy 2020

SEND Policy 2020-2021

SEN Information Report 2019-2020 (Sept 2020)

SEND Local Offer Statement 2020-2021

Single Equality Policy 2018

Sport Premium Funding Evaluation 2019-2020

Sport Premium Funding Plan 2020-2021

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions in School Policy 2020-2021

Whistleblowing Policy 2019